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"Actress and singer in the Duke's Company from 1663; briefly in Pepys's service as a companion to his wife, Dec. 1662. There is an unflattering reference to her looks and morals in Scroops's *In defence of satire*"
L&M Companion, 159.

Terry F  •  Link

Cornus, the kindest Husband, e're was born,
Still Courts the Spark, that does his Brows adorn.
Invites him home to dine, and fills his Veins,
With the hot Blood, which his dear Doxy drains.
Grandio thinks himself a Beau-Garcon,
Goggles his Eyes, writes Letters up and down;
And with his sawcy Love, plagues all the Town.
While pleas'd to have his Vanity thus fed,
He's caught with G[osnell], that Old Hag a Bed.

John Wilmot 2nd Earl of Rochester(1647–1680)
In defence of Satyr. [by Sir Carr Scroope] ll. 92-100 http://www.lib.utexas.edu/epoetry/wilmotjo.q2d/...

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As dirk noted in an annotation on 6 December 1662 Gosnell (the maid) also is mentioned on 28 May 1663.

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