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Emilio  •  Link

Note that the first 2 links above actually link to a Playford music book and to a list of other music books of the period. Pix can be found by following the Art link from the home page:
That site is devoted to the cittern, which it seems to distinguish as a metal-stringed variant of the lute. According to another site, 'lute' was the name for both a particular type of stringed instrument and the entire class it belonged to, which also included the theorbo and the citaronne (same as the cittern/cithern?). Details and many pictures here:

Sam Sampson  •  Link

David Van Edwards a UK Luthier
Has an extensive website, covering the history of the lute, with many 17thC paintings. There's an extensive range of his own instruments and even basic DIY construction information. He can supply a more detailed CD of lute building instructions, and runs summer schools. There's a good links list too.

David Quidnunc  •  Link

The Lute Society

Susanna provided this link in a 25 January 1660 annotation:


Christopher Schaub  •  Link

A multi-media weblog of Christopher Schaub's Renaissance lute & voice practice, including a new piece of music recorded and posted daily. The music was recorded live, on the day of the post, in Chris' apartment. Not polished, but a work in progress.

ash  •  Link

what kind of music is commonly played on this instrument

Stephanie Dugger  •  Link

There is a wide variety of music played on the lute. A vast amount of medieval music was written for the lute, as well as some baroque music. It was commonly used in folk music from many different European countries.

Nix  •  Link

The Lute --

A musician friend once told me: "I've been playing the lute for about ten years. Well, actually, playing it for six and tuning it for four."

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