Friday 28 December 1660

Office day. There all the morning. Dined at home alone with my wife, and so staid within all the afternoon and evening; at my lute, with great pleasure, and so to bed with great content.

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Charlezzzzz   Link to this

What an innocent and happy day!
If every day had been so simple and so sweet, how many of us would read the diary?

vincent   Link to this

from yesterday "...About the middle of the night I was very ill

Ruben   Link to this

Vincent: note that SP also vomited and had difficulties passing urine. This are signs good for a diagnosis of an urinary colic. It is possible that again a stone was bothering him.
SP may be writing that it was to much for him and not that it was to much in absolute terms.

Jenny Doughty   Link to this

Ruben - I've just noted that on yesterday's entry, before I read this one of yours.

vincent   Link to this

"Dined at home alone with my wife,"
did he dine "separated/exclusive/isolated/solitary/forlorne/desolate/without maid" with my wife ? Desolute fits, he being of aked head amongst other problems.
alone ME al[all]+ one?

Jenny Doughty   Link to this

I would read that as meaning that they had no other company for dinner.

joe fulm   Link to this

There's no contentment like the aftermath of a vomitus hangover and the cease of razor sharp kidney pains. Especially that he'd had an operation two years previously for kidney/bladder stones(performed in a relative's house by surgeon Thomas Hollier) and that subsequent discomfort must have been worrying. Uneventful days come into their own.

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