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James, the son of Charles II. by Lucy Walter, daughter of William Walter, of Roch Castle, co. Pembroke. He was born April 9th, 1649, and landed in England with the Queen-Mother, July 28th, 1662, when he bore the name of Crofts, after Lord Crofts, his governor. He was created Duke of Monmouth, February 14th, 1663, and married Lady Anne Scott, daughter and heiress of Francis, second Earl of Buccleuch, on April 20th following. In 1673 he took the name of Scott, and was created Duke of Buccleuch.

This text comes from a footnote on a diary entry in the 1893 edition edited by Henry B. Wheatley.

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Paul Chapin  •  Link

Married at the age of 14
I checked other authorities to see if there was an error in the dates, but the entry is correct.

Bill  •  Link

James, duke of Monmouth, was a natural son of Charles II. by Mrs. Lucy Walters, daughter of Richard Walters, of Haverford West, in the county of Pembroke. Courage and good nature, youth and beauty, ambition and pliancy of temper, contributed to render him the favourite of his father, the minion of the people, and the tool of faction. Accumulated wealth and honour, universal popularity and royal favour, though more than he could well bear, did not satisfy him. He knew not how to be happy without sovereignty, while he enjoyed all its advantages, without any of its cares. He even pretended that he had a right to the succession; and it is certain that the king for some time connived at his ambition, as he thought his faction a proper counter-balance to that of the duke of York. The earl of Shaftesbury, who managed him as he thought fit, first formed the project of raising him to the throne.
---A Biographical History of England. J. Granger, 1779.

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