Wednesday 8 July 1668

Betimes by water to Sir W. Coventry, and there discoursed of several things; and I find him much concerned in the present enquiries now on foot of the Commissioners of Accounts, though he reckons himself and the rest very safe, but vexed to see us liable to these troubles, in things wherein we have laboured to do best. Thence, he being to go out of town to-morrow, to drink Banbury waters, I to the Duke of York, to attend him about business of the Office; and find him mighty free to me, and how he is concerned to mend things in the Navy himself, and not leave it to other people. So home to dinner; and then with my wife to Cooper’s, and there saw her sit; and he do do extraordinary things indeed. So to White Hall; and there by and by the Duke of York comes to the Robe-chamber, and spent with us three hours till night, in hearing the business of the Master-Attendants of Chatham, and the Store-keeper of Woolwich; and resolves to displace them all; so hot he is of giving proofs of his justice at this time, that it is their great fate now, to come to be questioned at such a time as this. Thence I to Unthanke’s, and took my wife and Deb. home, and to supper and to bed.

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Robert Gertz  •  Link

While all this talk of reform must please Coventry no doubt he's heard it from Jamie before...

Terry Foreman  •  Link

Robert, that's about it: L&M note the men suspended in July were restored in August, due in part to the influence of Middleton, Commissioner at Chatham, This was not the first time the Storekeeper was up on charges of malfeasance, but he escaped unscathed.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

"Sir W. go out of town to-morrow, to drink Banbury waters"

L&M note there was a sulfur well at Banbury, Oxon., and another at nearby Astrop, Northants. Both were recently discovered and both recommended by Oxford physicians; Coventry had a house at Minster Lovell, Oxon.

Jesse  •  Link

"resolves to displace them all"

I wonder if the suspension was originally to be permanent or whether it was intended to be 'temporary'.

arby  •  Link

There is a sulphur well not too far away from me in Kentucky in, wait for it, Sulphur Well. Still reputed to have medicinal properties. Smells horrible, so it must be true.

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