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About Thursday 6 February 1661/62

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It is unfortunate that Pepys only comments on the appearances of the various renovations done over the years and not on the actual mechanics. i.e. how was the cellar wall shored up during construction, what sort of lintels were used, framing, and so on, as well what informal building codes were followed.

About Friday 24 January 1661/62

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"My Lady" is Lady Sandwich and see Alan's comment on the use of "very merry".

Spellings of words have changed over the past few centuries and oftimes there was no standard spelling then. (The OED lists dozens of variations over the centuries.)

About A new design

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I like the green. What was the reason for that? (As a side issue, I followed the original but was waylaid for a few years. This time, I intend on reading all of it.)

About Wednesday 1 January 1661/62

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How to sit with a sword is an interesting question. The billets are long enough to allow you to sit without unhooking but my recollection is that you always hold the pommel and the sword is beside you. I would guess that the confines of a carriage physically preclude that so he had to unhook it.

About Saturday 28 December 1661

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This entry also shows just how well the accounts are now. To draw up the entire debts in one day -- even a "speedy estimate" -- is impressive.

About Thursday 19 December 1661

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Methinks this is a tempest that erupted from being made to wait Tuesday at the Privy Seal's pleasure. That "vexed" him then and probably stayed with him, resulting in displaced aggession.

About Friday 15 November 1661

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Draft horses had a better life (urban and rural) in that they seem to have been reasonably fed and cared for. Urban carriage horses were treated horribly. I recall reading that over 40 dead horses were removed daily in late 19th century New York City and that most were worked to death in three years. I suspect that same in London. The coming of the horseless carriage eliminated much suffering and cruelty.