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About Tuesday 27 May 1662

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Annotaters have oft remarked on Pepys leaving out the commonplace and recording the uncommon. Here may be a case: "musique in my chamber alone at night".

About Sunday 25 May 1662

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This whole business of using a pumice stone to remove hair (and, no doubt, upper layers of dermis -- at a time of sepsis) continues to intrigue and perplex me. Yet the OED has this entry under pumice, v. : 1647 R. Stapylton Juvenal, Sat. viii. 154 note, The Italians to this day have the fashion of pumicing their skin to get off the haire.

About Thursday 22 May 1662

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"This morning comes an order [...]" I cannot infer what the thought of the matter but he could hardly refuse the order (or worse, falsify the record).

About Thursday 15 May 1662

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Ten years too late to point out to our salty commentator that the Norse and others fished in the Grand Banks, not New England.

About Thursday 1 May 1662

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My OED actually lists truckle-bed, thusly:
"A low bed running on truckles or castors, usually pushed beneath a high or ‘standing’ bed when not in use; a trundle-bed. So truckle bedstead. "

The following quote may be of interest: 1662 Pepys Diary 1 May, To bed all alone, and my Will in the truckle bed.

About Tuesday 29 April 1662

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A century later, Jane Austen would write to the effect that one attended parties to flirt with the opposite sex. (I cannot remember the exact quote -- too many decades.)

About Thursday 17 April 1662

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Today's entry on blood-letting made me strongly aware that we are reading from the past (especially as I had blood-work done yesterday and I cannot imagine Mr Holliard having the same level of prophylaxis as the technician who took my sample).

About Friday 21 March 1661/62

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Bill, where may one fine the 1675 edition of Bailey? Searching only revealed much later editions.

About Thursday 6 February 1661/62

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It is unfortunate that Pepys only comments on the appearances of the various renovations done over the years and not on the actual mechanics. i.e. how was the cellar wall shored up during construction, what sort of lintels were used, framing, and so on, as well what informal building codes were followed.