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About Monday 17 November 1662

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I live in a rural area with the nearest lamp-post a good 10km away. One really appreciates the moonshine in such environs, an appreication possibly lost to (sub)urban dwellers.

About Saturday 15 November 1662

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Painters finishing this night: Painting by candlelight seems risky on various grounds (if he means it literally).

About Thursday 13 November 1662

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@arby There are many instances in the diary where Pepys takes his wife's concerns and opinions in mind. He did not burn the letter unopened so that may have been petulance at the moment writ down. I note that he thought about whether or not to open it rather than simply dismissing it.

About Friday 31 October 1662

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"making them lay all my boards but one" -- I presume that these were toungue-and-groove so that the last board needs to be face-nailed. They still need staining or painting, however, before use.

About Wednesday 22 October 1662

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@Bridget: Marriage then was a business deal, Pepys being quite the exception. (For example, read the commentary of 29 August 1661.

About Thursday 9 October 1662

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@Bridget: Where one slept depended on one's status. His boy Will usually slept on a truckle bed but his man Will sleeps in a separate bed.

I still wonder about the previous riders' assistance, though. I have ridden at night and despite horses having extraordinarily good eyesight, darkness on horseback is extremely unsettling.

About Monday 22 September 1662

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@GrannieAnnie: Methinks Pepys had gas cramps brought on by anxiety at having the house ready. As to the use of the word nowadays, colic is still used in reference to horses and babies with painful gas cramps.

About Friday 19 September 1662

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If we are talking about the earliest non-native temporary settlements, one should note l'Anse aux Meadows.

About Monday 15 September 1662

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"Did they not take into account [...]?" I daresay that they did -- there were several linguists among them. Part of the pleasure of reading Pepys is seeing how the language changed and discussing it.

About Saturday 13 September 1662

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Loss of Leades should not be taken lightly if we go by the number of times that he and Elizabeth walked upon them for pleasure. Presumably, only one access point exists.