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About Friday 25 July 1662

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In these days of easy photocopying, we ought not forget that copying back then meant copying by hand. (Copiers were well established when I was a student, of course, but some of the older faculty recounted how they copied information from journals by hand.)

About Thursday 10 July 1662

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"that, every man minding a several business, we dispatch nothing." Then, as now, multi-tasking redueces productivity.

About Friday 4 July 1662

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Pepys, Imprimatur of Principia: I am tickled pink learning this -- I remember looking at Principia as a graduate student long before I knew of the diary.

About Monday 30 June 1662

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There is the matter of how these holes would have been drilled. One would need a hefty wimble and a long bit to drill through the oak-panelled walls. This is not something Pepys would have on him or even easilly available. I do not really think that he drilled the holes himself.

About Sunday 29 June 1662

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Since I asked about arising early ten years ago, I have noticed several people, my wife amongst them, who have well-tuned internal clocks for rising early, especially on days with important appointments. I agree that shutters would be kept closed to keep out night vapours.

About Thursday 12 June 1662

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Oh my, I am trying to imagine riding in petticoat breeches. I suppose that walking or cantering would be fine but posting with all that fabric would seem to lead to fabric becoming between leg and saddle. I gather not much posting was done.

About Friday 6 June 1662

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How often did Pepys trust Will to deliver money? Is this a matter of growing trust in Will to be noted?

About Tuesday 27 May 1662

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Annotaters have oft remarked on Pepys leaving out the commonplace and recording the uncommon. Here may be a case: "musique in my chamber alone at night".