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About Sunday 7 June 1663

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@Lurker -- if you are still around -- when matters are tense, the most banal triviality will set off a row.

About Friday 1 May 1663

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It is not uncommon to smear a bit of menthal rub inside a stallion's nose to keep him from being distracted by mares. The disguising cloth ear-covers may be fly ear covers, in use today, or decorative covers often displayed on Arabians in shows.

Amusing story of the Bishop and I presume that the Bishop's coat-tails were pinned down. Having attended numerous breeding episodes, I cannot picture the forelegs extending far enough to reach the rider.

About Wednesday 29 April 1663

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No mention of whether Pepys Pere ate of the meat on the table, as food poisoning comes to mind. It seems once the toxin-producers were vacated, matters improved.

About Friday 24 April 1663

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Corporal punishment meted out to youngsters was accepted in society then (and part of many societies now) and has been discussed many times in the annotations. (On this and many other topics, Picard's wonderful book on Restoration London should definitely be read by all Pepysians.) The "strap" was common in my grade school in the mid-sixties and some of my school chums were whipped by their fathers. It was horrifying then and the memory still horrifies me.

About Friday 20 March 1662/63

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Bess could very well have had uterine fibroids, which would definitely put her abed. On this, as other times, Pepys kept her company.

About Tuesday 17 March 1662/63

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"[The Court's] design and consultation was, I could overhear them, how to proceed with the most solemnity, and spend time, there being only two businesses to do, which of themselves could not spend much time." L&M add a footnote that their lavish-lunch money was later taken away.

Bufflehead ducks are lovely but argumentative birds, especially the drakes. We once lived in a port of Lake Ontario and would watch them diving under the ice for food. Not something I would associate with Sam' Lord Mayor.

About Tuesday 10 March 1662/63

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Wells are common in rural North America. Municipal water closest to us is 10km away. We have a deep drilled well for house and barn. Though potable, we still put our water through an iron filter, water conditioner, and UV light before house use. The barn receives unfiltered well water. Two dug wells near the pond were decommisioned years ago.

The reference to Dirks is still available and the text may be found here:

About Friday 27 February 1662/63

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One's reaction varies, Sasha. A friend told me of a coroner asking an intern to stop eating his apple during autopsy; this out of respect than any sort of queasiness. Interesting that in a time when death was not a stranger, Sam is disturbed by the sight of the corpse (but curious enough to touch it).

About Wednesday 18 February 1662/63

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Here in Canada, the previous gov't earned some opprobrium for proroguing parliament on several occasions, once to avoid telling parliament how monies were spent.