Sunday 13 July 1662

(Lord’s day) … . I had my old pain all yesterday and this morning, and so kept my bed all this morning. So up and after dinner and some of my people to church, I set about taking down my books and papers and making my chamber fit against to-morrow to have the people come to work in pulling down the top of my house. In the evening I walked to the garden and sent for Mr. Turner (who yesterday did give me occasion of speaking to him about the difference between him and me), and I told him my whole mind, and how it was in my power to do him a discourtesy about his place of petty purveyance, and at last did make him see (I think) that it was his concernment to be friendly to me and what belongs to me. After speaking my mind to him and he to me, we walked down and took boat at the Tower and to Deptford, on purpose to sign and seal a couple of warrants, as justice of peace in Kent, against one Annis, who is to be tried next Tuesday, at Maidstone assizes, for stealing some lead out of Woolwich Yard. Going and coming I did discourse with Mr. Turner about the faults of our management of the business of our office, of which he is sensible, but I believe is a very knave. Come home I found a rabbit at the fire, and so supped well, and so to my journall and to bed.

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daniel   Link to this

"I had my old pain all yesterday"

does this refer to his kidney stones?

dirk   Link to this

Diary of Ralph Josselin

Sunday 13 July 1662:
"A good day, hopes of a kindly season for harvest, the good lord command it. reports as if the King would respite the penalties on the act of uniformity as to himself for a time, god in mercy command it, god good to me in the word. harvest comes on.

dirk   Link to this

"does this refer to his kidney stones?"

Yes. But Sam underwent surgery for a bladder stone - not a kidney stone which would have been inoperable at the time.

See background info:

A. De Araujo   Link to this

"I had my old pain"
when Sam died they found a lot of kidney stones at his autopsy; so it might be a renal calculus;anyway it is an awful pain and he should have been drinking lots of water or draft,because it is summertime and the warm weather gets you dehydrated, concentrates your urine etc etc;

A. Hamilton   Link to this

Having recently prepared a house for moving

I am quite impressed with Sam's command of his time and his sense of priorities.

Cumgranissalis   Link to this

Oh wot be the problem???"...who yesterday did give me occasion of speaking to him about the difference between him and me)..." "...After speaking my mind to him and he to me,..."

Cumgranissalis   Link to this

The privy would it be again , or just the roof will me missing, then all that muck be upsetting Mrs Turner ? they be such neighbours, or would it be a case me 'ouse be lower than yours and when skidalling around on the leads Sam can see into Turners rooms?.

Cumgranissalis   Link to this

"...found a rabbit at the fire..." now Sam can have fur hat, to go with his beaver.

Paul Chapin   Link to this

Another ellipsis
Can someone with L&M tell us Sam's first words after "Lord's day" in this entry?

Terry Foreman   Link to this

"Having by some mischance hurt my cods. I had my old pain...."

Miss Ann   Link to this

"Having by some mischance hurt my cods. I had my old pain..." - I wonder what or how?

Terry Foreman   Link to this

Did Sam forget to latch his cod-piece securely, when up by 5 o'clock yesterday, and bump against furniture when getting his house in order? Oy: Some mischance!

GrahamT   Link to this

Nowadays, we give someone, with whom we are angry, a piece of our mind, but Sam goes one better: "...I told him my whole mind..."

DrCari   Link to this

Sam's old pains....Sam's surgical incision never fully closed, resulting in a chronic seeping discharge. From time to time the area would become inflamed and swollen. Perhaps this might be the source of the current complaint along with the obvious Urinary stones.

Bradford   Link to this

"I wonder how?"---Believe me, Miss Ann, that what's some of us august readers ask ourselves afterwards even today.

A. De Araujo   Link to this

"hurt my cods"
It could not have been riding a bicicle; now Lance Armstrong-God bess him-had his "cods" removed because of cancer.

Robert Gertz   Link to this

Poor Turner...Sam seemed to really enjoy turning the screws.

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