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A sweet and tasty meat. Rabbits were generally persecuted as farm pests, but I have read of some warrens on common ground being managed as a source of meat.

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a method:DESCRIPTION: Rabbit stewed in wine and flavoured with nutmeg & lemon.

A Hare Hashed.
Cut it out in quarters, chine it, and lay it in Clarret, mixed with three parts of water, and parboyl it, then slice the flesh in thin pieces, and lay it on your stew pan, let this be off the Body, but the legs wings, and head whole, almost cover it with some of the liquor it was boyled in, add some Butter, sliced Nutmeg, the juce of Lemon, and a little beaten Ginger, serve it upon sippets, Garnish it with Lemon, and sliced Onion.

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