Here are two occasions that the @samuelpepys Twitter account has featured in the media this year, both of which I missed until today.

First, British comedian Bill Bailey apparently features tweets from the account in his act. From this review of an Australian show, which I think was in November 2018:

Highlight: Regaling us with snippets from the faux Twitter account of philosopher Samuel Pepys, culminating with him taking a dump in a chimney.

I’m now intrigued about this segment of the show.

Second, here’s an article in Jewish News from June 2018:

The head of the UK’s Sephardi community has issued an unprecedented apology after his retweet of an entry by 17th Century diarist, Samuel Pepys, resulted in “intimations of vulgarity”.

Rabbi Joseph Dweck, senior rabbi of the S&P Sephardi Community, said it was not “fitting of my office” to comment on one particular entry detailing that Pepys had “cavorted with a woman who wasn’t his wife.”

In retweeting the entry, Rabbi Dweck added, “some things never change”.

“It is not fitting of my office. I deeply apologise and regret having done so. Especially knowing that I remain under high scrutiny & criticism from detractors. My intention was not to publicise immorality, G-d forbid. But rather to condemn it.

“Although I meant it to point out the poor virtue of the man. I recognise that it was not appropriate for me to tweet intimations of vulgarity to the public.”

I had no idea that @samuelpepys had, indirectly, caused so much trouble.


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