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About Tuesday 4 September 1666

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Nefarious business means
What struck me throughout this horrendous time were there any scams attempted post-fire I refer in particular to Tally Sticks I realise that with Split Tallies this would have been difficult but not impossible ie: the Stock and Foil recipients could claim they were lost in the fire or notches could have been added if it was known the matching Tally had been consumed, Are there any records of such deceit, Also were there any reports of looting?

A fantastic week of entries I'm still not convinced that the reported low loss of life was/is accurate

About Sunday 15 July 1666

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Beer and Milk
Even in today's modern sanitized world you never ever mix Beer with Milk in such a short time you never do that
The two can work together however and quite effectively
If I'm headed out for a big night out and know a lot of alcohol will be consumed you take a drink of milk and food, but it is taken a good couple of hours before you have a beer it puts a lining on your stomach and it works!!!

You never take them together Sam knows this as he even makes mention of it

Given how 17th Century sanitary methods compared to 21st Century methods are poles apart anyway is it no wonder the adverse effects that Sam felt

Not at all

About Sunday 15 April 1666

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Great entry,
It has the feel of a 21st Century Easter Bank Holiday weekend
*The more things change the more they stay the same*

About Sunday 8 April 1666

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Tom Cheffin
I think the mistake everyone's making here is assuming Sams 17th century possible explanation of this mans death, Was a postmortem ever done?
Regarding sudden death lets not forget, what can cause it today could cause it back then ,so armed with the benefit of 21st Century insight, it may have had something to do with any part of the body an Aneurysm, or Massive heart attack perhaps, stuff we weren't familiar with then but are now, even to the layman ,

Just an observation

Hoping all annotators and lurkers alike are well

About Friday 30 March 1666

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Mmm, Perhaps Sam would be wise to invest his profit in something current or popular Coffee or Tobacco perhaps? Housing development in the West of the City perhaps best hold off on that until later in the year considering what's about to happen, or this new fangled Piped Water thingy or Banking loads of options ,

About Thursday 9 November 1665

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Thank you, Sarah
Yes I have it fully protected in an acid-free folder
Just Milton's Eikonoklastes now to balance out Gauden, then Butlers Hudibras

About Thursday 9 November 1665

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Sorry I haven't posted for a while but just had to share some news with you and I apologise for it being off topic
After many disappointments over the years last week I finally added to my collection a copy of John Gaudens Eikon Basilike dated 1649 so an early, early edition published not long after the execution of Charles 1st
Needs more investigating I'm hoping its a first edition published just 10 days after the death of the King
So that's one off my bucket list I'm thrilled with it and had to share as i have made mention of my search in here before

About Thursday 14 September 1665

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What an entry I really feel the dismal gloom as Sam walks around London
It is easy to see Art imitating Life
From Mary Shelley's The Last Man (1826) to I Am Legend Richard Matheson (1954) and beyond right up to now and in the future
Sam was actually living a dystopian life with these plague entries way before it was coined and of course, temper that with the great news concerning the Dutch and is Plate still secure its a real juxtaposition
Today has to be one of my favourite entries

About Thursday 7 September 1665

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Completely off topic but thought you might find interesting, the Tudor, Stuart periods and particularly the ECW I have a passion for and over time have built a little collection I'm quite proud of I have several editions of the London Gazette from the 17th Century along with a few Civil War pamphlets and coins mainly Charles 1st and 2nd and some Elizabethan and Tudor Coins, Today I managed to acquire a London Gazette "Graded Fine" from Aug 6-9th 1683 its main coverage concerns The Rye House Plot I'm very happy with it next on my list London Gazettes covering Mortality Bills and my Holy Grail search continues for original copies of The Oxford Gazette but I'm not holding my breath for that one