The survey is now closed.

You may have seen this linked to from the front page already, so apologies for the duplication, but I’d appreciate it if you could answer this quick, anonymous, three question survey.

It’s rather hasty, and maybe I’ll do a more substantial one another time. Either way, I’ll share the results with you in a few days. Thanks!


First Reading

Derek Rowsell  •  Link

I have completed the survey and will look forward to the results in due course.

I will now take a liberty and ask an unrelated question, since I cannot find an "ask us" section.

When Pepys writes that he travelled by water to Westminister or to Greenwich, what kind of vessel was used and how was it powered. I took the watercraft to Greenwich last October, and the water was quite rough and the wind bitterly cold. Surely men were not paid to row passengers that distance in those conditions. Please advise. Not knowing bothers me every time I see the reference to travel by water. Many thanks.

Phil Gyford  •  Link

Derek, it would probably be best to ask in the annotations of a diary entry when he makes such a journey. I'm not sure of the answer off the top of my head.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

Derek, to find out what the Latham & Matthews Companion says about this, go to the Google scan of it and search in the book for travel. Page 455 has the scoop on "traveling by water"
Indeed, watermen were paid to row!

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