In 2008 I put together a family tree for the extended Pepys ancestry. A few weeks ago Alan Lawrence pointed out an error in the family tree (thanks Alan!), so I’ve taken this opportunity to extend the tree as well as correcting the error.

The main additions are around the Kite/Fenner/Joyce side of Pepys’ mother’s family, and the Wight/Sutton/Norbury branch — all those people who get referred to as “cousin” or “uncle/aunt” but who I’ve never quite got to grips with in terms of their position in the family.

As before, you can view the family tree on the web, or download a printable PDF, which stretches over three sheets of paper. Both versions let you click the name of anyone who appears in the diary to jump to their Encyclopedia page.

If you spot any errors, or can think of anyone else who should be featured, either post a comment below or send me an email.


Mary  •  Link

Dear Phil,

Your work for this blog is amazing and we really do appreciate it.

Gong Xi Fa Chai!


John Norton-Doyle  •  Link

Your tree does not seem to refer to Joyce Norton “cousin” who tended Sam during his post op phase. The Pepys and the Norton family of Norfolk inter married on a few occasions. I have the whole family tree –including references to the inter marriages. This tree dates back to 1104.
Regards John

Phil Gyford  •  Link

Thanks John, I'll look at updating the tree when I get a chance.

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