I’ve put together a Pepys family tree as an alternative way of accessing Encyclopedia pages for all the Pepyses. It’s also hopefully useful as a way of getting an overview of how everyone’s related — it’s a big family!

The family tree is linked to from the Encyclopedia pages of all the people mentioned so it should be ready to hand whenever it’s useful. There’s also a printable PDF version, should you want to keep a paper version to hand.

I’ve tried to keep a balance between having the text big enough to read and enlarging it so much that one can’t view much of the tree at a time. If too many people find the text too tiny I can enlarge it. If you’re using Firefox 3 then you can zoom in using ‘Zoom’ under the ‘View’ menu and the image will be enlarged; I’m not sure if that will work in other browsers.

If you have any suggestions for additions or corrections do let me know.


First Reading

Mary  •  Link

Thanks again, Phil for another example of "added value" to the site.

Jesse  •  Link

I think such *added value* is a little too hidden. Anyway you could make it top level visible in the Encyclopedia like the "Pepys' household" link?

Phil Gyford  •  Link

There is a graphic linking to it on the front Encyclopedia page, and a graphic linking to it on the page of everyone who's included in the family tree. Is that not obvious enough?

Jesse  •  Link

That depends on whether the graphic linking to it on the front Encylopedia page remains. I'd assumed that since it's under the bold heading of Latest Encyclopedia topics that it would vanish at some future date. However, if that's not the case then I humbly suggest you move the Latest topics list below the two(?) graphics (if they're to remain permanent).

Phil Gyford  •  Link

I just realised yesterday that that 'Latest Encyclopedia Topics' heading was a bit misleading -- I've added another now. The map and family tree graphics are there to stay, unless I think of more similar things to add and there become too many of them, in which case I'll think of another solution.

My instinct would be to keep the 'Latest Encyclopedia Topics' list above the map and family tree on the basis that the most frequently changing stuff should be nearer the top of the page. I'd be interested to hear other peoples' views and will happily move them if it's a popular choice.

Alan Lawrence  •  Link


The family tree incorrectly shows Uncle William married to Margaret Kite. I believe he was actually married to Mary Sutton.

Thanks Alan

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