Keeping the annotations tidy requires occasional tending. Despite all the spam filters a few spam annotations get through occasionally, and these only get deleted when someone notices them and emails me. And occasionally there are accidentally duplicated annotations which need tidying up. Also, an unfortunate number of annotations have been truncated during past database moves.

So, many thanks to those who have doing a fine job at calling my attention to such things, particularly Todd, Terry and Dirk.

I’ve now added a little thing to make it easier for people to mark annotations for attention and easier for me to deal with them. At the top of each annotation is a little “Flag this” link. Try clicking one (I’ve posted an example annotation below which you can try). You’ll see a screen that lets you flag an annotation with one of the following:

If it’s one of the many, and increasingly bizarre, spams.
If the annotation disappears abruptly (usually at an apostrophe or similar punctuation mark). These are usually annotations from some time ago.
If there are two identical annotations, usually next to each other, you can flag one of them.
If an annotation is flagrantly off-topic and you’d like to draw it to my attention. It might not need deletion, more of a nudge from me to the author.
Edit required
If an annotation, probably one of your own, needs something corrected. Unfortunately there’s no other way to do this, so this is how.
If there’s another reason, you’re just not sure which category this falls into, choose this.

You can optionally add an explanation, although it’s often not necessary (say, for obvious spam). And you can include your name and email address if you like, which may be useful if it’s something we might need to discuss.

If you change your mind, just hit the ‘Cancel’ button and you’ll be taken back to where you were, no harm done!

An annotation can only be flagged once so the “Flag this” link won’t disappear if someone’s got there ahead of you. You can assume I’ll deal with it soon.

This should all make it easier and quicker for anyone to bring this stuff to my attention, and easier and quicker for me to deal with it. Which should make the place more pleasant for everyone.

Do let me know if you find any problems or have any other comments. Thanks!

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Phil Gyford  •  Link

Here's an example so you can have a look at the "Flag this" link!

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