You’ll be pleased to know that the Recent Annotations page is back. It used to be re-built every time an annotation was posted, which might have been one of several factors contributing to the Internal Server Errors. The page is now built whenever the page is viewed which will take some load off Movable Type’s comment-handling script (actually, the page is never built more than once every two minutes, so it may occasionally lag a minute or two behind).

I think it’s working correctly, but let me know if you notice anything particularly odd. Also, if there’s anything about the page that could be improved, so it’s a better quick overview of all that’s happening on the site, do post below or to the new discussion group.


dirk  •  Link

Phil, I think we all realize the effort and time you're spending on the site. Thanks again!

jeannine  •  Link

As always Phil, thanks so much for all that you do.

TerryF  •  Link

Phil, thank you for the time and effort that took. Now, back to your day job!

Joe  •  Link

Let me add my name to the list of grateful readers of the site. Many thanks, Phil, for all that you do to make such a great part of the net.

Miss Ann  •  Link

Me too! Me too! THANKS Phil - you're tops!!!

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