Update: The first article has now appeared!

You might notice a few things around here have been tweaked. This is to make room for a new section of the site: In-depth Articles. This will, hopefully, be a home to occasionally essays about aspects of Pepys’ life or the world in which he lived. If you would like to write something that doesn’t seem to fit elsewhere (perhaps because it’s too long for an annotation or covers too many topics to find a home in the Background Info pages), either drop me a line or raise the idea in the discussion group. The first article will appear this week…

Here’s a rough list of the changes I’ve made to the site:

  • The pages that were the ‘Background info’ section are now the Encyclopedia. This seems a more appropriate and specific name. Alongside this is the new In-depth Articles section.
  • The Introduction from the 1893 edition of the diary is now linked to from under the ‘The diary’ tab at the top of the page, which seems appropriate.
  • The Recent Annotations page is now linked to at the top of every page, as I suspect this is used quite frequently by regular users of the site.

  • There is a new RSS feed listing recently-created pages in the Encyclopedia, and a feed for the impending In-depth Articles. Both are linked to from the re-jigged RSS/XML page.
  • Just for good measure, I tidied up the Diary archive page a bit.

I hope that all makes sense and isn’t too confusing a change! There are many other things I’d like to do to the site, to make it even better, but my time is unfortunately limited so this will have to do for now! But despite that, do post a comment below if you have any suggestions for improvements or, especially, if you notice anything I’ve broken!


First Reading

dirk  •  Link

Thanks Phil,

It looks good. I may even use the In-depth part occasionally :-)

David Quidnunc  •  Link

In-depth articles



I must say, I like the idea.


Vera  •  Link

Many, many thanks for taking so much effort Phil. Much appreciated.

Jeannine  •  Link

Special Thanks Phil for all of the wonderful work!

Cumgranissalis  •  Link


shirley hathaway hammond  •  Link

interesting comments. will make time to read your "in depth". glad I came upon your website. (via google)nicely done. thanx.

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