Next Tuesday, 20th September 2005, there’s a solo play in Greenwich, in which actress Siobhan Nicholas plays the part of Elizabeth Pepys. From the blurb:

Samuel Pepys? …his diary! …his world!! …his women!!! How do you think his wife felt! What was it like being married to a serial sex addict! In this hour-long solo show, Elizabeth shares with us her life as the wife of Samuel Pepys: love, commitment, excitement — the joys and trials of their household, the gossip of the Court, the horrors of the Great Plague, the flames of the Fire of London and finally her raging trauma when, in her own house, she witnesses her husband


First Reading

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While wishing Ms. Nicholas every success, assured that she will add tone and shade to the portrait promised by the promotional material (who writes these things?), apparently the cliche of Sex-Mad Sam is doomed to be with us always, much as is the case with Boswell---stemming from the modern belief that,as Mr. Larkin poetically puts it, sex was not invented until 1963?
Anyway, here's hoping some Pepysian near Greenwich will go to the show and report in full.

Bradford  •  Link

Well, don't keep us in suspense, then! Did it go well? Was there a good house? Have you been asked to repeat the performance, in other venues? One hopes so, inasmuch as Elizabeth Pepys has been the subject of much sympathetic and interested discussion on this site since it started; tell us more!

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