Saturday 8 February 1667/68

Esqr Evelin

[Navy Office]1

8 February 16682


You will not wonder at the backwardness of my thankes for the Præsent you made mee soe many days since of the Prospect of Medway, while the Hollander rode Master on’t3, when I have seriously told you, that the sight of it hath ledd mee to such reflections on my perticuler Interest (by my employment) in the reproach due to that Miscarriage, as have given mee litle lesse disquiet then he is fancyed to have who found his face in Michaell Angelo’s Hell4.

The same should serve mee allso in excuse for my silence in the celebrating your Mastery shewen in the Designe and Draught, did not Indignation rather then Court shipp urge mee soe farr to commend them, as to wish the furniture of our House of Lords changed from the Story of 88 to that of 675, (of Evelins designeing) till the pravity of this were reformed to the temper of that Age, wherein God Almighty found his Blessing more operative, then (I feare) hee doeth in ours his Judgements. Adieu

Your most affectionate and humble Servant


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