Monday 20 January 1667/68

For my honor’d Friend Samuell Pepys Esqr

Clearke of the Acts etc:

at the Navy Office with,

a little Roll of Paper. London.


Sayes Court

20 January 16681


I am heartily asham’d I could not performe your Commands before now: It was friday2 ‘ere I could possibly get home, and since I am here, I have ben so afflicted with the Griping of the Gutts3, that I was not able to bestow the paines I intended on the Scheme4 I send you, which will onely serve you to preserve our reproch in memory, and my little skill in designing; But I have don it as I could, and as it appear’d to me from the Hill above Gillingham. The draught which I follow for Chatham River is from an old paper lying by me, and not from any printed Mapp, and some of the flexures I have presumed to reforme (as I thinke at least) as the River then presented itselfe to my Eye: You must excuse the defects of Sir,

Your most humble servant

J Evelyn:

The extreame whiteness of my Inke also deceived me etc

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