Saturday 14 October 1665

For Samuel Pepys

Esqr etc at the Navy Office:


Sayes Court

14 October 16651


By what I have sent you, you will have a Specimen of the Method observed where I have any-thing to do2. If the heads3 be not particular enough, be pleas’d to give me your instructions where I may pertinently add: Take notice also, I pray, how few have miscarried [Most of those who dyed perished for want of covering]4, the last winter consider’d, notwithstanding our agreement at a certainety with our Doctors and Chirurgeons for 3s[hillings]5 per head; to avoyd the unconscionable bills of the Apothecaries, with one article alone would have been double all the expense, as by experience in the last Warr we learn’d: The Certificates answer to every individual person, which after you have perus’d, and are satisfied in, pray returne by this bearer; because they onely are my Vouchers; The other Accoumpt, keepe by you as long as you please, I having a duplicate; and call to us for the Whole when ever you please; because I long to give it in, and be discharg’d of so much of my Burthen: The two printed papers are an invention I have particularly practis’d in my owne Circle onely, which I hope you will not reprove, because it dos a little obviate the quærie of Sir William Coventry, to whom (if what I transmitt, prove satisfactory to you) speake your just thoughts of my Duty in the particulars he mentions and add to your former favours, that of including these Letters in your Packett for


Your most obedient,

and faithfull Servant


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