Friday 13 October 1665

For my most honor’d Friend

Samuel Pepys Esqr his

house in Greenewich

Sayes Court

13 October 16651


I am this afternoone to send away £1000 to Deale and Dover with a Guard, not having been able to find any opportunity of returning the mony otherwise; which will make me so unmanerly, as not to be able to waite on you as I ought: There is likewise another Calamity on me, from the negligence of others; therefore (though the occasion be very instant, as to those Vessells for our pestiferous men) I must defer the kissing of your hands til to morrow, unlesse you resolve to do me the honor of refreshing your Selfe in our poore Garden any time this evening when you have best leasure, where I shall be to receive your Commands, who am2


Your most obedient

and faithfull Servant


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