Wednesday 9 August 1665

Navy Office

9 August 16651


I am once more to trouble you with my old question concerning the provision made for the sick and wounded seamen in Ireland2, for that a charge is and hath for a good while beene running on at Kinsale in expectation of paiement from this office; which we have yet no authoritie to make nor is it fitt the care of it should be put upon persons soe little at leisure to look after it as the Officers of the Navy; besides that, I have been told, That it hath beene by the King and Councill left to the Lord Leiuetent of Ireland to give directions in: I beseech you Sir what advice you can give me in any part hereof, be pleased to let me receive, for that what is disburst must soone or late be paid some where, and the longer it’s left unsettled ‘tis likely the King will be soe much the more Sufferer.

Sir I have looked after when you woulde thinke fitt (in pursuance of our last discourse3, and Sir William Coventrie’s advice) to intimate at what ports, and what number of recovered men are ready to be called for, That soe as we have Ships in the way they may be directed to take them in. I remaine

Your affectionate and most humble



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