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Sir Philip Carteret, FRS (1641 – 1672), was the eldest son of Sir George Carteret and his wife and cousin Elizabeth de Cartetet.

Philip was elected Fellow of the Royal Society on 15 February 1665.

He married Jemima Montagu, daughter of Edward Montagu, 1st Earl of Sandwich, in an arranged marriage on 31 July 1665. Samuel Pepys had a hand in the marriage and wrote of it at some length in his diary. Jemima had only known of Philip some fourteen days before their marriage: Pepys did ask her if she could like Philip as a husband, and was relieved when she answered that she thought she could like him very well. It is noted that Jemima failed to arrive in time for the ceremony at the church, but the marriage is thought to have been reasonably happy. Jemima died in childbirth in 1671.

Philip was father of four children, including George Carteret, 1st Baron Carteret.

Knighted in 1667, he became Gentleman of the King's Chamber in 1670.

Philip died along with his father-in-law the Earl of Sandwich when their ship, the Prince Royal, was grappled by a Dutch fire ship in the Battle of Solebay.

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CGS  •  Link

Not to be confused with Philip (1639 - 1682) his fourth cousin of his father, Sir George Carteret.

Wim van der Meij  •  Link

He was afterwards knighted; he perished on board his father-in-law Lord Sandwich's flagship at the battle of Sole Bay.

Sasha Clarkson  •  Link

Montagues and Carterets - a happier ending with an arranged marriage than with the love-match in Romeo and Juliet!

Bill  •  Link

Lady Jemima, eldest daughter, was married to Sir Philip Carteret, (eldest son to Sir George Carteret, Vice-chamberlain to King Charles the second) who being slain with his father-in-law the Earl of Sandwich in the great sea-fight in Sould-Bay, left issue by her George his son and heir, created Lord Carteret father of John the present Lord Carteret and Earl Granvil.
---The Peerage of England. A. Collins, 1756.

Jemima Carteret (b. Mountagu, "Mrs/Lady Jem")

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