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Paul Brewster  •  Link

L&M Companion: "Appointed Paymaster to the Navy Treasurer 1660, and possibly the 'Wayte' who was a royalist financial agent in Brussels in 1659. As paymaster he was much distrusted and, after investigation by the Brooke House Committee, was joined in the treasurership by the upright Richard Hutchinson. His office was in his official house in Deptford. In 1661, as a widower of 36, he married Elizabeth, daughter of Timothy Lowe of Greenwich. He was living in Camberwell at his death in 1685."

Peter Wayth  •  Link

We have a family tree but have never succeeded in nailing Robert Wayte/Wayth/ Waith to it. Any info gratefully accepted

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San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Saturday 15 February 1661/62

"With the two Sir Williams to the Trinity-house; ... and after dinner I was sworn a Younger Brother; Sir W. Rider being Deputy Master for my Lord of Sandwich; ... and so to Sir Wm. Batten’s all three, and there we staid till late talking together in complaint of the Treasurer’s instruments. Above all Mr. Waith, at whose child’s christening our wives and we should have been to-day, but none of them went and I am glad of it, for he is a very rogue."

So Mr. and Mrs. Waith were young, and Pepys didn't like him.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Wednesday 30 April 1662

"This afternoon after dinner comes Mr. Stephenson, one of the burgesses of the town [OF PORTSMOUTH], to tell me that the Mayor and burgesses did desire my acceptance of a burgess-ship, and were ready at the Mayor’s to make me one. So I went, and there they were all ready, and did with much civility give me my oath, and after the oath, did by custom shake me all by the hand. So I took them to a tavern and made them drink, and paying the reckoning, went away. They having first in the tavern made Mr. Waith also a burgess, he coming in while we were drinking. It cost me a piece in gold to the Town Clerk, and 10s. to the Bayliffes, and spent 6s."

So Treasurer Waith made it to Burgess of Portsmouth ahead of Pepys -- how irritating.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Wednesday 6 August 1662

"This afternoon Mr. Waith was with me, and did tell me much concerning the [CHATHAM] Chest, which I am resolved to look into; and I perceive he is sensible of Sir W. Batten’s carriage; and is pleased to see any thing work against him."

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Monday 25 August 1662

"... and so home, where by appointment I found Mr. Coventry, Sir W. Batten, and Mr. Waith met at Sir W. Batten’s, and thither I met, and so agreed upon a way of answering my Lord Treasurer’s letter. Here I found Mr. Coventry had got a letter from the Duke, sent us for looking into the business of the [CHATHAM] Chest, of which I am glad."

So Waith came in useful after all. Perhaps Pepys should have gone to the christening.

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