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not a potty carrier
pothecary, n. pottycary,
pothecar, n.
Now rare (chiefly regional in later use).

Forms: {alpha}. ME potekary, ME poticaris (plural), ME potikary, ME-15 potycary, ME-15 potycarye, ME-16 potecarie, ME-16 potecarye, ME- potecary (now Eng. regional), 15 potecari, 15 potecaryse (plural), 15 poticarye, 15 potticarye, 15 pottycary, 15-16 poticarie, 15- poticary (now Eng. regional), 16 pottecary, 16 (18 Eng. regional) potticary, 17-18 'poticary, 18 'potecary.{beta}. ME-16 pothecarie, ME- pothecary, 15-16 pothicary, 17- 'pothecary.

An apothecary.
{alpha} c1387-95 CHAUCER Canterbury Tales Prol. 425 Ful redy hadde he at the potecaries To sende hym drogges and his letuaries. 1437,,,
1558 W. BULLEIN Govt. Healthe f. 120v, There is no trust in some of the Poticaries. 1669 S. PEPYS Diary 8 Feb. (1976) IX. 441 Going to visit Roger Pepys at the poticary's in King's-street.

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Walter PELLING was Master of the Society of Apothecaries of London, 1671-72.
Robert LATHAM ("The Diary of Samuel PEPYS, Vol.10; Companion, pp.323-4) believes the musician of PEPYS acquaintance was more likely to have been John PELLING "...who was apprenticed to his kinsman Walter in 1650..."
John PELLING was baptised at Trowbridge, Wilts, 27 Aug 1632, son of Thomas PELLING & Margery LOVELL (married there on 26 Sep 1626, & who had a younger son named Walter, bapt there on 2 Oct 1644, but clearly not the Master of the Apothecary's Society).
John PELLING was an Apothecary in the Parish of All Hallows Staining; he was buried "in ye Church" there on 1 Apr 1689; & he was married at St Botolph, Aldersgate, 6 Oct 1659, to Ann TOOKER, by whom he had issue a son John (D.D.; Canon of Windsor) & a daughter Anne PELLING, bt All Hallows Staining on 4 Jun 1663, who became the wife of Francis PIGOTT (1666-1704), the former Chapel Royal Chorister and later Organist.
This younger Francis PIGOTT was not the Francis PIGOTT, member of the Musick Society that met at Old Jewry, and known to PEPYS. He was probably bapt at St Mary Colechurch, 15 Jun 1666, son of Bartholomew PIGOTT & Rachel KINSMAN.
The older Francis PIGOTT, of PEPYS's earlier acqaintance, was probably the Citizen & Clothworker of London, sometime associated with the Parish of St Dunstan-in-the-East, who married Dulcibella YEALDING in 1656 (she was from Chichester, Sussex), & had numerous issue.
I believe that Francis Sr & Bartholomew PIGOTT were almost certainly related - Bartholomew named one of his daughters Dulcibella - and one of Francis's sons, Charles PIGOTT, b 1661-62, probably became Vicar Choral of St David's Cathedral, Pembroke, & his four sons gained admission to the Mercer's Company of London by Patrimony, citing their father's admission in 1685.

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Eric the Bish found this on a random WordPress website – link below:

“Pothecary, Potticary — Middle English: apotecarie, ultimately from Latin apothecarius “store-keeper” (specifically of spices and drugs — only later came to mean some-one who prepared drugs, an apothecary).”

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