Thursday 13 May 1669

Up, and to the office, where all the morning, it being a rainy foul day. But at noon comes my Lord Hinchingbroke, and Sidney, and Sir Charles Harbord, and Roger Pepys, and dined with me; and had a good dinner, and very merry with; us all the afternoon, it being a farewell to Sidney; and so in the evening they away, and I to my business at the Office and so to supper, and talk with my brother, and so to bed.

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Robert Gertz  •  Link

I wonder if it really is a farewell to Sidney... "As the days dwindle down...To a precious few..."

Ruben  •  Link

Nix (from yesterday):
"Every time Samuel refers to his eye problems I feel a little stab of woe, knowing that our nine year journey together is near its end. Samuel, Elizabeth, and all of you have been delightful companions from the first week. I won’t be making it to London but will be there in spirit. Thanks to all."

I was one of the lucky to get a standing and walking ticket in the finishing tour (limited to 20)! All this years I intended to make something graphic about this wonderful blog, but there were problems and there is the copyrigth thing also, and my English is primitive, and no one wanted the "job".
But I live in Israel and one Hebrew word that many of you probably heard (specially in America) is Chutzpa. It means something between audacity and self-confidence.
SO, I will put in a blog of mine, pictures I took in Portugal and I will take in London, pictures that may be someone sent to me and also I will "borrow" from the National Gallery and the like. If you see some strange letters, may be it's Hebrew. For Pepys I will use only English.
the blog:

if you have any problem entering the blog ask me, and I will ask my son. You may also ask any child that happens to be free from his facebook. My project is to re-read the Diary and re-enter all the graphics that still are around in the Net. It may take some time, so check now and then. Now, I will try to post a picture I got today from Jeannine.

Ruben  •  Link

After all, I will not use the blog, but Facebook, were you will find the pictures in an Album, specially for Pepys.
My name is Ruben Lenger. Sometimes to see my wall you may find you need to put a point between Ruben.Lenger
Sorry for any inconvenience.

Second Reading

Scube  •  Link

Not surprising, but perhaps worth noting that Sam doesn't invite his younger brother to dinner with such company, even though he is apparently staying with Sam.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

The first Pepys picture was posted and you can see the album at:…

Ruben made a brave start on the project of posting pictures of people and places associated with the Diary, but quickly found he was duplicating other, freely-available services. But if you do have a special, Pepys-related not an Instagram picture, this would be a good way to share it.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

You think Sidney delayed his departure for another day just so he could have lunch with Pepys et al? I feel like we are missing a big piece of information here.

When I read that Sidney was the favorite, I always took that to mean he was Sandwich’s favorite son. But maybe it means Sidney was Pepys’ favorite?

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