Wednesday 24 February 1668/69

Lay long in bed, both being sleepy and my eyes bad, and myself having a great cold so as I was hardly able to speak, but, however, by and by up and to the office, and at noon home with my people to dinner, and then I to the office again, and there till the evening doing of much business, and at night my wife sends for me to W. Hewer’s lodging, where I find two best chambers of his so finely furnished, and all so rich and neat, that I was mightily pleased with him and them and here only my wife, and I, and the two girls, and had a mighty neat dish of custards and tarts, and good drink and talk. And so away home to bed, with infinite content at this his treat; for it was mighty pretty, and everything mighty rich.

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Terry Foreman  •  Link

This night Will Hewer treats his charges, the two cousin Pepys girls!
(and Elizabeth and Samuel Pepys incidentally).

Mark S  •  Link

I think that Sam's bad cold is due to the Curse of Queen Katherine of Valois.

Tony Eldridge  •  Link

I'm surprised that this is the first time that Sam has visited Will Hewer's home, given their close work and personal relationships. Is this an indication of Will's improving status?

pepfie  •  Link

TE, the very first time according to SP:

...I going through Crouched Friars, seeing Mercer at her mother’s gate, stopped, and ‘light, and into her mother’s, the first time I ever was there, and find all my people, father and all, at a very fine supper at W. Hewer’s lodging, very neatly, and to my great pleasure.

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