Thursday 15 October 1668

Up, and all the morning at the office, and at home at dinner, where, after dinner, my wife and I and Deb. out by coach to the upholsters in Long Lane, Alderman Reeve’s, and then to Alderman Crow’s, to see variety of hangings, and were mightily pleased therewith, and spent the whole afternoon thereupon; and at last I think we shall pitch upon the best suit of Apostles, where three pieces for my room will come to almost 80l.: so home, and to my office, and then home to supper and to bed. This day at the Board comes unexpected the warrants from the Duke of York for Mr. Turner and Hater, for the places they desire, which contents me mightily.

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Terry Foreman  •  Link

A new issue of the London Gazette has hit the Royal Exchange at Gresham College and coffee houses nearby (pace what the website says about the date Issue 304 was published)

Evidence of the date of publication appears on p. 2 with this notice:

"Whitehall, Octob. 14. Yesterday his Royal .Highness returned from Audly End, and this day, being his Birth-day. hath been complimented on that Occasion by the Ambassadors and Ministers of foreign Princes and States, and by the perfons of greatest Eminency about the Town."

Terry Foreman  •  Link

"I think we shall pitch upon the best suit of Apostles, where three pieces for my room will come to almost 80l"

L&M say the prices of both this and of the "suit" of "tapestry" panels that Pepys will in fact buy next day ( ) for 83l. suggest they were either second-hand or imitation tapestries made of painted or stained cloth, e.g. like ones based on the popular cartoons by Raphael and made by Mortlake tapestry works, with which both Sir Sackwell Crowe
[,… ] and Sir Richard Crowe were connected.

An example of what L&M haver in mind is this Mortlake Tapestry 1636-38 from Charles I set of 'Acts of The Apostles' 'Elymas struck by Blindness'…

Terry Foreman  •  Link

Pepys would, of course, not have been considering an original woven tapestry woven for Charles I.

Andrew Hamilton  •  Link

"suit of Apostles"

Thanks for clearing that up, Terry

languagehat  •  Link

Thanks for the Gazette links, Terry, and the reminder of the exciting events going on elsewhere in the world. From the Wikipedia article on Candia: "In the long and devastating Cretan War (1645–1669), the two states fought over the possession of Crete: the Ottomans quickly overran most of the island, but failed to take Candia, which held out, aided by Venetian naval superiority and Ottoman distractions elsewhere, until 1669." I've been in Candia, now called Iraklion, and will be sorry to see it fall to the Turks next year!

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