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Bradford  •  Link

"Crow, Ald. [William] (1617-68). Upholsterer, in St Bartholomew's the Great (in large premises, taxed on 18 hearths); after the Fire in Blackfriars. Master of the Skinners' Company 1662-3."
---Companion p. 82, complete entry.

To explain that trade guild, I here cop Terry F.'s explanation, from the very last annotation for Thursday 22 January 1662/63:

Originally an association of fur traders, dating from the 13th c., The Worshipful Company of Skinners (known as The Skinners' Company) is one of the "Great Twelve" Livery Companies of the City of London. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worshipful_Company...

The Company's website: http://www.skinnershall.co.uk/company.htm

Bill  •  Link

On Oct. 15, 1668 SP calls him an alderman.

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