Saturday 10 October 1668

[In this part of the “Diary” no entry occurs for thirteen days, though there are several pages left blank. During the interval Pepys went into the country, as he subsequently mentions his having been at Saxham, in Suffolk, during the king’s visit to Lord Crofts, which took place at this time (see October 23rd, host). He might also probably have gone to Impington to fetch his wife. The pages left blank were never filled up. — B.]

[On this day Pepys and his wife returned to London from Impington. — P.G.]

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Joseph London  •  Link

What do you think happened in those blank days, did he enjoy himself during those travels or were they just for business?

Don McCahill  •  Link

Most likely the omissions were due to Pepys growing concern about his vision. He eventually will quit writing. Perhaps this was a "test" to see how it would go if he left off for a couple weeks. He clearly planned to go back and fill the blank pages, if the diary was to be continued, but never did.

The ending of the diary is a major loss to history. Pepys comments during the period of James reign and removal would have provided a great deal of information for historians.

Jim  •  Link

October 10. 1668 is the 13th anniversary of Samuel and Elizabeth's wedding.
They had a religious ceremony on this date in 1655, and a cilvil ceremony on December 1, 1655.

It seems fitting that Sam went "to Impington to fetch his wife" enabling them to return to London together on their anniversary.

Australian Susan  •  Link

As well as Sam stopping his diary being a major loss of a primary source to historians, it is also to be regretted that Sam and Bess never had children - we would have had an intimate portrait of 17th century child-rearing : a great loss to social historians.

Second Reading

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

The volume of Domestic State Papers covering correspondence from Oct. 1668 to Dec. 1669 is at…

Oct. 10 1668.
The Edgar, King Road, Bristol.
Capt. John Wettwang to the Navy Commissioners.

Has bought most of the small things for the carpenter's stores,
and the rest are making; the value will amount to 40/.,
which they may order of Sir John Knight, of whom he has received 4 anchors and 6 guns.

Hopes to be ready for the first fair wind; is only waiting for a little ballast.
Has 216 men on board.
[S.P. Dom., Cur. II. 247, No. 144.]

Oct. 10 1668.
Audley Inn
M. Wren to Pepys.

His Royal Highness having given me leave to stay two or three days at Ipswich
with my relations, I only returned to Court last night.

I will reply to the Commissioners' letters on returning to town.

The Duke has commanded me to send you orders to Capt. Shepherd to bring back Sir T. Bond, who has gone today to Calais with little Mr. Hyde;
I hope this will come time enough to keep him there, and prevent the necessity of sending another yacht for him.

I fear the Dartmouth has not yet left the Downs and gone on her voyage;
I beseech you to quicken her, as it is of great importance to the security of the Canary trade that she does not lose a minute's time;
I hope she is gunned and manned as in time of war.

With note that this came after the Monmouth yacht was gone.
[S.P. Dom., Cur. II. 247, No. 145.]

M. Wren to Capt. Shepherd, commander of the Duke of York's yacht, the Anne.

You are to stay at Calais for Sir Thos. Bond, who intends to be there on the 16th,
and to bring him, with what he shall put on board, to England. –
Audley Inn
Oct. 10, 1608.
[S.P. Dom., Cur. II. 247, No. 1451.]

Oct. 10 1668.
Capt. Silas Taylor to Pepys.

The hulk must be calked if she stays here the winter, and have new cables.
Has only three labourers, except those hired by days on emergency.
The muster boat and many things, both in yard and housing, are so much out of repair, that they will be damaged this winter;
the wharfings need filling with earth, the windows glazing, and the wall and
chimneys repairing, &c.
[S.P. Dom., Cur. II. 247, No. 146.]

Oct. 10 1668.
by Wm. Garrard, mayor, John Hunter, justice, and two aldermen of Harwich,
that according to the order of Aubrey, Earl of Oxon,
at the foot of the petition of Wm. Shymous and Rich. Harris, sent to his Majesty when at Harwich,
they have caused the two prisoners to be whipped in the public market-place, and discharged them,
and that the junk stolen is returned into the stores.
[S.P. Dom., Cur. II. 247, No. 147. See p. 9, supru.]

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Oct. 10 1668.
Capt. Ant. Deane to the Navy Commissioners.

Is in hand with the Milford;
she will be ready on Monday to take in provisions, if the commander comes down.

The 16 calkers promised are not come; desires their despatch,
also orders as to the work to be performed in calking, repairs, etc., on the fleet here, to keep the ships from rotting.

Wants a supply of broom, deals, and wainscot.
[2 pages. [S.P. Dom., Cur. II. 247, No. 148.]

JayW  •  Link

From the entry for Monday 11 October:
to the King’s playhouse, and I afterwards by water with them, and there we did hear the Eunuch (who, it seems, is a Frenchman, but long bred in Italy) sing, which I seemed to take as new to me, though I saw him on Saturday last, but said nothing of it;

A glimpse into today? A visit to the theatre which Bess knew nothing about? Or maybe Saturday 3rd?

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

I puzzled over the same thing, Jay;
"last Saturday" also could mean either the 3rd or the 10th. Either way he was out of town, and returned to London and zipped out to the theater in the afternoon, representing a breathtaking account of over-scheduling.

Maybe he made a mistake about secretly seeing The Eunuch on a Saturday?
This is a puzzle that could be clarified somewhat by finding a Diary recording the dates The Eunuch performed. But I don't think Pepys will sort it out for us.

What we do know is that Elizabeth's temper tantrums have turned him into a secret theater goer. If he likes something, he takes her to it so he can then talk about it with / in front of her.
I hope she had more fun in her life than Pepys records for her.

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