Tuesday 6 October 1668

[In this part of the “Diary” no entry occurs for thirteen days, though there are several pages left blank. During the interval Pepys went into the country, as he subsequently mentions his having been at Saxham, in Suffolk, during the king’s visit to Lord Crofts, which took place at this time (see October 23rd, host). He might also probably have gone to Impington to fetch his wife. The pages left blank were never filled up. — B.]

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Terry Foreman  •  Link

Oct. 6. Tuesday.

Write Mr. Pepys and Sir R. Long and the Navy Commissioners again to meet Sir G. Downing about the matter of how the money has been disbursed for the fleet, about which they were to have met last week, but that Mr. Pepys's other occasions diverted it by his being out of town.

Sir Denys Gawden called in about his interest account. Auditor Beale to examine it and consider it with the [Victualling] contract and declarations, fixing the matter to those contracts with the [interest] accordingly at 6 per cent. to Sir Denys for want of timely payment [to him from the Exchequer], that so the matter may be laid before the King in Council. If this direction is not clear he [Beale] is to state his doubts.

[Treasury Minute Book II. p. 451]

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