Tuesday 29 September 1668

(Tuesday, Michaelmas day). Up, and to the Office, where all the morning.

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Glyn  •  Link

And that's all he wrote today. Perhaps something interrupted him while he was writing.

"In this part of the Diary no entry occurs for 13 days, though there are several pages left blank. During the interval Pepys went into the country, as he subsequently mentions his having been at Saxham, in Suffolk, during the king's visit to Lord Crofts, which took place at this time. He might also have gone to Impington to fetch his wife. The pages left blank were never filled up."

Was Michaelmas Day, which this was, a holiday?

Terry Foreman  •  Link

"a cart with iron axletrees"

axle tree

The fixed bar or beam of wood on the rounded ends of which the opposite wheels of a carriage revolve.

Synonyms - noun: shaft


Tony Eldridge  •  Link

Sir, I wish to register a complaint! Are we to be left without news for thirteen days while our man takes a holiday?
He must be feeling very confident to leave London so soon after the hornets' nest of the Duke of York's great letter.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

Well, we know where he was in the morning...The afternoon we can but guess.


"If ... is pretty bad, then a complete blank for part of a day...?"

"Bess, my dearest love...Why do you want to know foolish antics of my younger, unreformed self that will only hurt you and bring me the deepest shame?"

"What?" Grrr...

"Now, Bess...Bess...We don't set the periwig on fire in Heaven...Bess! Ow!!...Nor do we throw my prized silver flagon...Bess, not the tongs!! I'm only thinking of your own spot here, darling!!"


"Bessie...My love...You know I only want to spare you..."

"And keep me from revoking your probation here..."

"Well...I would never want us to be separated for a thousand years or more while I burn or suffer whatever in Purgatory...Now, Bess..."

"Oh, come on, I won't revoke your probation to Heaven...Just tell me...If you really do love me..." Bess, pleading.

"Well...Why don't we wait till our 500th anniversary in 2155...Just something to keep a bit of mystery going, you know?"

"Right...You mean you want a bigger audience of your fans in attendance."

"It'll stay just between us, I swear, Bess..."

"God...Is it really that good or are you just pulling my leg and ran out of time or paper that day or something?"


"It's that good..." shrewd nod.


("Lord, now I'm dying to know..." St. Peter hisses to the Almighty, who gives smug smile. "You know we all hate it when You do that." frown.)


San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Letter #64 in The Letters of Samuel Pepys was written today.

Pepys had heard that Sandwich had landed in Portsmouth. It's long without saying very much. Most important it enclosed a bill of exchange for 500/. drawn upon a Mr. Salisbury to assist Sandwich with his travel expenses.

Court news including the swearing in of Sir John Trevor as Secretary of State in place of Mr. William Morice (purchased for 8,000/.). Also Prince Rupert had paid 3,500/. to be made Constable of Windsor Castle.

Tonight the King and Queen are having supper with the Carterets. Tomorrow the King and the Duke of York are leaving for a month's progress towards Norfolk and Suffolk.

Pepys also says he has asked Anthony Deane to wait upon His Lordship to assist with anything he needs.

Pepys then explains that his eyes are giving him a lot of trouble, and that he apologizes for not writing the letter himself. (I.E. He dictated it to a clerk.)

Edited by Guy De La Bedoyere
Boydell & Brewer
ISSN 1 84383 197 X
Pages 70-71

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