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About Monday 7 August 1665

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It was James I who invented baronets in 1611, the Bacon baronetcy is the still the premier baronetcy.

About Wednesday 26 July 1665

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The King being mightily pleased with his new buildings, I myself have just recently returned from Greenwich Naval College, and was mightily pleased with what I saw; especially the portico like false windows which contain busts of great British naval figures, with Charles II in the centre. It would have been a national tragedy if the Naval College and concomitant buildings had been sold off as the government once intended.

About Monday 3 July 1665

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With death so much more graphically on show in Sam's day along with the more precarious medical situation, it is no wonder that he is making himself ready for the call. Also despite his weaknesses he knows that he has to ultimately square things with God.

About Wednesday 28 June 1665

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Coventry made a knight, would that Sam been made one too. At least today the Pepys and Montagu family are both represented in the Peerage, the Cottingham earldom being conferred on the Pepys family in the 19th century.

About Monday 19 June 1665

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Albatross, I love your comment about Doctor Who, it is indeed very PC, in Sam's time one would have been astonished to see a person of African origin on the streets. It would have been exotic to say the least.