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About Sunday 4 March 1665/66

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Shame Sam never did get a knighthood for all his hard work, still another branch of his family did obtain a baronetcy in around 1801 and eventually the earldom of Cottingham in the mid 1850's.

About Tuesday 20 February 1665/66

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What a nice full day Sam has had, Godfather, women and drink. At primary school which for me was in Deptford we were taught about John and Sam's respective diaries and friendship. We had one particular teacher who was an enthusiast for both.

About Sunday 28 January 1665/66

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What an entry, afraid of a dog, kisses the hands of the reigning monarch and is praised by him, as well as trying to balance various political interests. It has always surprised me that he never received a knighthood, which might have been the least honour that he ought to have received for his services.

About Monday 7 August 1665

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It was James I who invented baronets in 1611, the Bacon baronetcy is the still the premier baronetcy.