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About Wednesday 19 December 1666

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What a great fast moving entry. That Buckingham was a well known reprobate in Restoration London amongst others, such as Sir Charles Sedley. Interesting to imagine Sam running home to check on the safety of his valuables.

About Sunday 7 October 1666

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An excellent entry, showing that Sam had the ear of the highest in the land. For a moment I wondered why the king never knighted him for all his hard work? That meeting would have been a great opportunity.

About Sunday 2 September 1666

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What a great account, at times I could almost see the people huddled up in the churches and all the floating goods. For days I have been reading the diary fervently, so as to get to the account of the fire and I have not been disappointed; of course I had heard some of the entry in the BBC Radio 4, the Diary of Samuel Pepys and the Classic Serial version from May 95.

About Friday 17 August 1666

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In present day Thailand government ministers and those seeking an audience with the monarch must prostrate themselves. Foreigners can get away with just bowing, the tradition of no ones head being higher than the king was abolished in the 1932 revolution, but reintroduced in the 50's by a dictatorial field marshal.

About Wednesday 1 August 1666

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Sounds like Sam had a jolly time looking at the breasts of all those women, a most delightful afternoon.

About Thursday 26 July 1666

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Terry Foreman, what a wonderful entry about the battle, from 10 years ago. The irony of the table being smashed by a cannonball soon after they had finished dinning.

About Tuesday 10 July 1666

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I am surprised that the crafty knave didn't try and induce one of the women to offer up certain favours, in return for alleviating her husband's position. Thankfully he didn't sink so low.