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About Thursday 26 July 1666

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Terry Foreman, what a wonderful entry about the battle, from 10 years ago. The irony of the table being smashed by a cannonball soon after they had finished dinning.

About Tuesday 10 July 1666

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I am surprised that the crafty knave didn't try and induce one of the women to offer up certain favours, in return for alleviating her husband's position. Thankfully he didn't sink so low.

About Saturday 30 June 1666

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Interesting that Sam seems happy that the ugly mayde Luce bumped her head. Man is naturally attracted to beauty and repulsed by that which is not so. So much so that he would be rid of one in favour of the other. Hence Mercer's near perfect breasts, as opposed to Luce's ugly face.

About Tuesday 19 June 1666

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I suppose Pepys was a fine judge of female breasts, judging by the amount of maydes he must have gotten his hands on.

About Wednesday 13 June 1666

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What a full day, Sir Christopher 's funeral and then a visit to Bagwell. I wonder if the fear of the plague would have dampened Sam's carnal pleasures.

About Wednesday 6 June 1666

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Will Hewer seems to be doing quite well, let's hope we get to hear more of his success in the future.

About Sunday 20 May 1666

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I wonder if Sam went to Mrs Martin's in his own coach? If so, surely he would have been advertising his presence to all and sundry?

About Tuesday 8 May 1666

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Very good that Sam handed back that money, a man of less scruple would have kept it.

About Saturday 5 May 1666

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Perhaps neighbours welcomed good singing in the 17th century. We take music for granted in our modern age.