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About Thursday 19 November 1663

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Long finger nails, sounds like the effeminate character of the 3rd Earl of Southampton coming out in in his son. The 3rd earl is the on who was famously painted with his cat Trixie, the only aristocrat to have included a cat in a portrait.

About Tuesday 13 October 1663

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'Zounds', what a wonderful expression, haven't heard it used since Squire Western in Hallum Tennyson's 1981 BBC Radio 4 adaptation of "Tom Jones'. The part of the Squire was played by Peter Jeffrey. Zounds!

About Thursday 24 September 1663

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I wonder what Sam did with Mrs Lane? I am sure that he will fall into temptation again, as a friend of mine once put it "women are like your first beer, you get drunk and have a hangover and say never again! But there you are the next day with a beer in your hand."

About Wednesday 19 August 1663

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Pembleton never seems to be far from Sam's mind, it will be interesting to see, what becomes of their acquaintance.

About Monday 17 August 1663

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An excellent entry for today, I heard this one reproduced in BBC Radio 4's Fifteen Minute Drama of Peyps's Diary.

About Saturday 15 August 1663

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Sam looking good in front of Mr Palmer and no doubt feeling good for it too. At least he wasn't boastful.

About Friday 7 August 1663

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It sounds like Bagwell is being cuckolded by his wife, but not so much for her interests as his.

About Tuesday 28 July 1663

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Poor boy he ought to be at school, but I suppose all that won't come untill 250 years later.