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About Wednesday 21 September 1664

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The Skeffington family actually currently hold the Viscountcies of Massereene and Ferrard, the Massereene Viscountcy was created in 1660 and the Ferrard Viscounty in 1797, the latter title is the only title in the Peerage of Ireland that can go through the female line, and has been merged with the Skeffington Viscountcy since 1843.

About Sunday 28 August 1664

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What a load of nonsense about the Catholic Church being the Anti Christ, when it was Christ himself who handed the keys of the Chruch to St.Peter and the pope is the successor of St.Peter. Therefore to act contrary to this covenant, is to act against Christ.

About Friday 12 August 1664

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I couldn't agree with you more Mary K, I always lament that I wasn't on this site 10 years ago to exchange views with my fellow readers in the annotations; which give great insight to the diary. It is always nice to see recent postings.

About Thursday 4 August 1664

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Such a pity he was only made an earl, marquisates are so much more rarer than earldoms in the UK peerage.

About Saturday 23 July 1664

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Sam, Sam, never satisfied it seems, always wanting more, but fearful least he be undone by some wh*re.

About Wednesday 15 June 1664

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At the top of Greenwich hill playing cards on the grass on a June evening, how idyllic. I used to go to school in Blackheath and did often walk up to Greenwich hill which I believe is where the observatory is and not far from Rangers House, the area affords great views.

About Tuesday 31 May 1664

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Wind with an 'e' at the end and wind without it at the beginning. I wonder if there is any significance in the difference?

About Saturday 21 May 1664

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I have just been listening to the Hattie Naylor dramistsation of Samuel Pepys' Diary, Povey comes across as a complete fool or near enough.

About Sunday 1 May 1664

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Sam didn't add praise be to God, when he talked about his monetary worth. Thus one may surmise that he was dissatisfied? Perhaps the thought of being owed so much by the earl.

About Saturday 2 April 1664

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We could all be brains in a vat and everything that we think is real, is only a stimulation , just like in the Matrix. " death" will wake you up.

About Friday 26 February 1663/64

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Caressing! Sounds like Uncle Wight is getting a bit too friendly with Elizabeth, still the thought of his money may be going a long way to placate the situation.

About Monday 22 February 1663/64

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One of the longest entries so far and quite diverse, from the sexual abuse of a womanmto talk of the duke of Monmouth.