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About Saturday 27 July 1667

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Barbara Villiers was a commanding beauty and it is easy to see why the king fell for her. Just such a shame he allowed her to wrap him round her little finger.

About Saturday 13 July 1667

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As this Lacy didn't die until 1681 so Sam's information about him dying from the pox was wrong. Perhaps this is the reason why he rejected the 'ghostly' advice.

About Wednesday 10 July 1667

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Credit to Sam's mayde Mary, who obviously realised that if she wanted to have a decent life, then it wasn't going to be found in the Pepys' household.

About Sunday 16 June 1667

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Interesting that in today's entry the town of Cottenham was mentioned, it will be the the title of the earldom conferred on the Pepys family in the middle of the 19th century. This branch of the family pronounce their name Pepis.

About Monday 6 May 1667

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Pepys was quite right to worry about those water men, who knows what they could get up to.

About Friday 12 April 1667

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It was probably a bit extreme giving giving the maid a kick, but remember if Sam had lost his property through her present and possible future carelessness. Then too whom would he have had course for recompense? The kick therefore seemed the cheaper option.

About Wednesday 3 April 1667

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What a wonder turn of phrase we have here from Sam, it's almost Joycian in character. 'Dr. Crew did make a very pretty, neat, sober, honest sermon; and delivered it very readily, decently, and gravely, beyond his years:'

About Wednesday 19 December 1666

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What a great fast moving entry. That Buckingham was a well known reprobate in Restoration London amongst others, such as Sir Charles Sedley. Interesting to imagine Sam running home to check on the safety of his valuables.

About Sunday 7 October 1666

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An excellent entry, showing that Sam had the ear of the highest in the land. For a moment I wondered why the king never knighted him for all his hard work? That meeting would have been a great opportunity.