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About Wednesday 23 August 1665

Mary Ellen  •  Link

The word is out on this guy. Give him your female relatives for sex and he will consider getting a job for your male relative. Pretty disgusting. He was not above raping at least one of them to get what he wanted in the deal, either. He always got him pay, one way or another. Talk about keeping TALLY.... he did.

About Sunday 20 August 1665

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So, I am curious as to "I ‘light and paid off my post-horses, and so slipped on my shoes, and laid my things by" and does this mean that people took off their shoes while riding a horse?

About Thursday 12 May 1664

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Wanting or not wanting a child at that time might not have been the real issue. It might have been expected to have children and then surprising when it does not happen.

About Roll Call. Say hello!

Mary Ellen  •  Link

Greetings from Illinois. I am more or less speed reading thru this diary. I find this look into history interesting and appreciate the ability to review in this modern format. Thanks to Phil and the people who add background information to help understand the meanings of the terms used in that day.

About Monday 2 May 1664

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It would have been nice for him to share the gold with his wife. Giving her some for her family would have been the right thing to do, considering their circumstances.

About Sunday 10 April 1664

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Interesting that Sam finds out about Tom's child AFTER Tom is dead and unable to verify the claim. Knowing that the Pepys might have money to leave to an heir, and with no kids of their own, it is possible that the story was created just to get some money.