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About Sunday 31 July 1664

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I would guess, from the very careful evaluation Pepy's gives of gifts in kind, that they are included in his accounts, along with the money Sandwich owes him. I wonder if any of his accounts survive?

About Thursday 23 June 1664

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I think the charge might just be the high cost of entertaining royalty to the expected standard. I understand that when Queen Elizabeth I visited nobles, the whole court came, and the nobles and towns had to pay dearly for the privilege of entertaining her.

About Saturday 7 May 1664

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108 ship models are on display at the Rogers Ship Model Collection in the Naval Academy Museum in Annapolis. The earliest is from 1650, and over 50 of them are dockyard models built at the same time as the ship they represent. This short video of a tour of the exhibition gives some of the flavor of the models:…

About Saturday 2 April 1664

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This whole thread makes me think that most of our waking hours are like dream. Here is England drifting into war, as if asleep with no sensory input and no planning. And in these days, Brexit was no better planned than this 17th century war with the Dutch.

About Wednesday 16 March 1663/64

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Jane Austen had a wonderful portrait of puppyism in Emma, via the pretentious Mrs. Elton. Of course that was puppies 100 plus years later:
“A very fine young man indeed, Mr. Weston. You know I candidly told you I should form my own opinion; and I am happy to say that I am extremely pleased with him. You may believe me. I never compliment. I think him a very handsome young man, and his manners are precisely what I like and approve — so truly the gentleman, without the least conceit or puppyism. You must know I have a vast dislike to puppies — quite a horror of them. They were never tolerated at Maple Grove. Neither Mr. Suckling nor me had ever any patience with them; and we used sometimes to say very cutting things! Selina, who is mild almost to a fault, bore with them much better.” Emma, Chapter 38

About Thursday 4 February 1663/64

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I was wondering about the transcription of "mad merry slut" vs. mad merry soul". Is the original shorthand online so that we could get a crowd-sourced opinion?

About Saturday 12 December 1663

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Perhaps Mr Gauden had the contract to provide provisions at a fixed price, and if they observe lent and get fish elsewhere he doesn't have to provide as much beef, pork, etc. In the link on Gauden, Pedro in 2006 says that Gauden in 1673 was noted as a stingy supplier of provisions to Tangier.

About Tuesday 1 December 1663

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I like that every man has a right to passage in, but not title to, any highway. It seems this established the public road system and perhaps led to Britain's famous country path right of ways.

About Thursday 6 August 1663

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Looking at the "carve, drink and show me great respect" I'm wondering if she was carving out a particularly delectable piece for Sam, and even being flirtatious with him. As to whether she had any choice, there can be a wide degree in how accepting she could have been, from friendly smiles to a sudden attention to something else as he approaches. Seems like quite a bawd party.

About Mediterranean (The Straits)

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ISIS is centered in Northern Iraq and Eastern Syria, thus thousands of miles East of the Barbary Pirates who were suppressed with the colonial occupation in the early 19th Century.

About Tuesday 2 December 1662

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Quakers may have been disciplined by Fox, but they still continued to be imprisoned for disobedience and disrespect, as Pepys often notes, and of course continued to have women speaking and women leaders at their Meetings, so the reaction Christopher Hill describes is a bit over-stated.

About Monday 20 October 1662

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The note about Dunkirk was surprising. In the entry a day or two before Sam didn't seem to have any objection, but now is "sorry".
I wonder what the French interest was at the time? Why spend good money for a small port? Though in the earlier note there was also a promise of England's aid against Spain.
I wonder also why Charles didn't sell off the Channel Islands while he was at it.