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About Thursday 14 July 1664

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the problem of the Clarendon Park timber.

According to an L&M footnote for this entry, whereas the Crown had reserved the right to felled timber on the estate to itself, Clarendon objects to Deane's marking of standing timber for the navy. Clarendon regards the standing timber as his own property.

However, according to an earlier note, Clarendon never did obtain full ownership of the estate (which had originally been mortgaged by Charles I, together with other lands, for the sum of £27,400). Although Sam notes that "he (Clarendon) seems to have bought [it] of my Lord Albemarle" that "seems" may be significant.

SMALL SPOILER:The estate reverted to Albemarle after Clarendon's disgrace in 1667.

About Sunday 10 July 1664

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"..begin I will not."

I think this means, "I will not raise the matter." A bit more weighty than just reference to starting a conversation.

About Tuesday 5 July 1664

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ref: Aesop re-told.

"china" = china plate = mate. Cockney rhyming slang.

About Monday 4 July 1664

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Yes, Pepys means, "if I can manage it, find a way to do it, I will".

About Sunday 3 July 1664

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food in thundery weather.

Thundery weather was certainly supposed to sour the milk when I was a child.

About Sunday 26 June 1664

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The fame of Kentish cherries.

Fame now sadly diminished. The extensive cherry orchards of my youth have vanished. Too difficult to find pickers and anyway the long ladders that were used are now deemed unsafe by the Health & Safety bods. It should now be the height of the cherry season here in Kent, but the only ones available in my local shops come from Turkey.

About Friday 24 June 1664

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Portrait of Barbara Villiers?

Whether this is a picture of Barbara, of Nell or of someone else altogether, I note that it comes from Chiddinsgstone Castle, near Penshurst in Kent. This castle holds a fascinating collection of Stuart/Stewart memorabilia: sadly not available to individual public view at present, though their website says that group tours may be arranged.

About Friday 24 June 1664

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An L&M footnote directs us to the Ilbert Collection in the British Museum, which includes several examples of such clocks.

About Thursday 16 June 1664

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mess of cream.

The term 'mess' for a cream-based dessert survives in Eton Mess. This is a pudding composed of halved strawberries and crushed meringues folded into whipped cream. Not suitable for slimmers.

About Saturday 11 June 1664

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Shuffleboard and shove-ha'penny are different games altogether. Follow Phil's link for information on shuffleboard (Dutch sjoelbak).

About Thursday 9 June 1664

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"I hope I shall make good use of it"

Yet again, Sam stores up a grudge for future reference and revenge. Company for Uncle Wight.

About Tuesday 7 June 1664

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Hospital admission for Elizabeth? Never!

In order to obtain admission to a London hospital (e.g. St. Bartholomew's) one had to prove both sickness and poverty (written proof required of the latter). Most people were nursed at home, by friends or possibly in the home of a 'professional' nurse who would charge for her services.

About Friday 3 June 1664

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Missing a word somewhere?

It looks as if the L&M edition may agree with this proposal. They punctuate thus: "... and acre of land bought by - the Duke of York and Mr. Coventry, for aught I see, being the only two ...."

Perhaps we are to understand 'the Tangier Committee' in place of the dash? No editorial explanation is given.

About Saturday 28 May 1664

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Well done, Andrew.

It's good to know that these annotators can count a Really Useful Member amongst their number!

About Sunday 29 May 1664

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Sources of Povey's money.

Looks to me (see background information) as if he has had plenty of opportunity to make his own fortune. A barrister, an entrepreneurial merchant and a man who has held potentially profitable government posts under both Cromwell and Charles. No mention of marrying a wealthy wife, though he did inherit his country house (at Hounslow) from his father, Justinian Povey.

About Thursday 26 May 1664

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7 roods of meadow.

A rood is an area of one quarter of an acre, or 10,890 square feet. Land doesn't seem particularly cheap around Portholme.

About Monday 16 May 1664

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The multi-volume L&M prints "veriest" which is what one would expect in this context.

Mrs. Pierce is still beautiful and still has the glow of youth in her cheeks; slatternly maybe, but not eerie.

About Sunday 15 May 1664

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"cleansing the innards from time to time...."

It was not uncommon practice, even in the earlier part of the 20th century, to take a regular purge as a matter of course; thought to be a genuinely healthy measure and perhaps necessitated in part by a diet that laid less emphasis on the value of fresh fruit and vegetables or fibre.

About Thursday 12 May 1664

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My wife sick of those...

Given Elizabeth's indisposition today, Uncle Wight could hardly have chosen a worse day than yesterday to make his outrageous proposal ... it's dollars to doughnuts that she suffers from some degree of PMT and will have found his advances even less amusing than might have been the case at other times of the month.