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About Thursday 14 June 1666

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The annotations have been on point of late, none more so than today - with quotes from Genesis, Simon Cameron, Lord Byron, Batman Begins...

About Saturday 5 May 1666

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After 6 years reading the diary and its comments, I think Michael L’s contribution might qualify as the wittiest to date. Fine work Sir.

About Monday 2 April 1666

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FFWD 200 years to a future CGS giving endless OED explantions of whatever the fk ‘Kool Aid Anyone’ is supposed to mean.

About Thursday 9 November 1665

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100% agreed John. Sam derives his pleasure through appreciation of science and the arts, poetry, music and theatre. He is truly part of the metropolitan elite of which we hear so much derision these days.

About Wednesday 9 August 1665

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For those interested in going a little further back into prehistory and the effects of climate change, here is a little more for Wikipedia on Doggerland

Doggerland is the name of a land mass now beneath the southern North Sea that connected Great Britain to continental Europe. It was flooded by rising sea levels around 6,500–6,200 BC. Geological surveys have suggested that it stretched from Britain's east coast to the Netherlands and the western coasts of Germany and the peninsula of Jutland.[1] It was probably a rich habitat with human habitation in the Mesolithic period,[2] although rising sea levels gradually reduced it to low-lying islands before its final submergence, possibly following a tsunami caused by the Storegga Slide.[3]

The archaeological potential of the area had first been identified in the early 20th century, but interest intensified in 1931 when a fishing trawler operating east of the Wash dragged up a barbed antler point that was subsequently dated to a time when the area was tundra. Vessels have dragged up remains of mammoth, lion and other animals, as well as a few prehistoric tools and weapons.[4]

Doggerland was named after the Dogger Bank, which in turn was named after the 17th century Dutch fishing boats called doggers.

About Sunday 26 October 1662

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Not quite what i had in mind for my first comment this far into the diary, but reading "heard a simple Scot preach most tediously" in the final 3 days before the Independence Referendum made me LOL. Thanks Sam.