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About Monday 31 May 1669

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This has been such a pleasure. Thanks to all, esp Phil Gyford and all the erudite annotator-educators. Fascinating stuff.

About Wednesday 28 April 1669

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Mr. Sheres sent me, in two volumes, Mariana his History of Spaine, in Spanish, an excellent book; and I am much obliged for it to him.

Sam: this is a subterfuge; he be interested in Your Wife.

About Tuesday 27 April 1669

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TF: Expecting to find link to Sheeres's method of constructing the mole but find Cholmley.

About Monday 26 April 1669

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Much to my chagrin about a week after the masons had re-fronted a fireplace with new brick I wanted to test the draw and in do doing started a chimney fire...with a roar. It acts like a ram jet and frighted me well. Had only water to throw on the fire which immediately extinguished it...and (chagrin) the thermal shock of the water cracked my newly fronted fireplace forever.

A smoky gun blast would server better cutting off for a moment the oxygen supply. Never thought of that before.

About Thursday 15 April 1669

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He did force himself; he even says that. She disappointed because she wants him to love her. Our philandering hero wants to get it off and mamalles her.

Still, our hero is quite a guy. How long has it been since the blistering Bess attack?

About Wednesday 14 April 1669

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good notes of sermons and religion; wrote with her own hand, hand, which nobody ever knew of; which I am glad of: but she was always a peevish lady.

Ha ha...he turns these phrases with shocking value.

About Saturday 3 April 1669

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These are the "packed" courts (with commanders) Mr. Pepys worried on before.

About Wednesday 31 March 1669

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I love all you pedants and allow me to say again: the erudition of these pedants impresses me greatly. Gracias.

About Tuesday 30 March 1669

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Right at the beginning of the diary it started with Sam and his neighbour.

SIR w penn angered Sam by the way he treated Sam so much it probably was a class thing which Sam could not get past with Penn. Probably talked down to him, etc...and only reluctantly and later Penn did some "deals" with him.

Penn treated him not as an equal. Sam never let it go.

About Wednesday 24 March 1668/69

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Pepys just following his plan for this little diversion. He knew those girls were there.
This was not the first time since the Deb cosa (sorry, pun); he had his eyes out once or twice on breaks with his warden or her proxy.
No surprises here.

About Tuesday 9 March 1668/69

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The erudition of the more active annotators makes the diary so much more than it is. Thank you. Very impressive it is.

About Monday 8 March 1668/69

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Driving without lights at night...someone forgot to light the candles? Strongly suggests a collision and coach upset.

About Friday 12 February 1668/69

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In view of accounting the year of 1635 saw another English work printed:
The Merchants’ Mirror, or directions for the perfect ordering and keeping of ac-
counts, framed by the way of Debitour and Creditour after the Italian manner,
by Richard Dafforne. Robert Colinson printed in 1683 the first Scottish book on
accountancy entitled Idea Rationaria, or the perfect accomptant, necessary for
all merchants.…

It seems they were doing double entry accounting but it was not fully standardized as the paper presented as Hosier's book indicates.