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About Saturday 27 July 1667

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Michael L on 28 Jul 2010 • Link • Flag

"... he is at the command of any woman like a slave, though he be the best man to the Queene in the world, with so much respect, and never lies a night from her: but yet cannot command himself in the presence of a woman he likes."

This sounds like someone we know. Do you suppose Sam just happens to be of similar temperament and behavior, or could he be (consciously or not) taking the King as an example to live by?
D'aquerdo, ML: This is what I have been thinking as well: Mr. Peeps is of the same bent with his peccadillos (los pecados) and the women are part of the play and just as lusty with perhaps a need besides to be met $$$. It is hard for us Americanos with our Puritan birthplace to accept this as normal behaviour, but it was for that time.
This helps explain the "outlier" Peg/Meg Penn: she wasn't an outlier; she wanted to play, too.

About Tuesday 18 June 1667

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Peg Penn...cannot parse this either. His hatred for admiral Penn started from the git go due probably to Penn's disdain for Peeps due to social standing Penn would never let go.

Good RG entry on Peg et al. He's just an charmer.

About Wednesday 1 August 1666

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I love the way cgs stays with our dna:
His eyeballs still watch moving parts on his victim and he tries not to be caught by a bigger predator.

That's sam watching those beauties bounce and worrying in the coach he may been seen.

About Wednesday 1 August 1666

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"power game" "so little feeling for others" "darker fantasizes of control and power" ??? over some kissing and several beautiful bobbing breast? [look within thee self tal vez]

I think it was A.Hamilton here relating his meeting LBJ who ignored him and fastened his attention on his wife (young to LBJ's roaming eyes.... who, BTW, Lady Bird excused because her husband just loved people...and half the people are woman, she explained).

I dunno you all..all this sounds very Puritanically American.

Sam loved beauty in many forms and the archetype for all beauty is woman. These were not "working girls"; highly probable they were in need of money and they indulged peeps kisses and caresses looking to derive some advantage of it. Sam "tips" his assignments. These girls would not repeatedly engage with Sam unless it was worth their while and Sam was probably quite generous to have his way. Most men are the same.

Sam's tip of 5-6 shillings is what? 25 or 30 pounds. A current price massage parlour is $60usd for a rub and a pump.

and here merry kissing and looking on their breasts, and all the innocent pleasure in the world.

I say: what a man: with 3 or 4 woman with their beautiful bosom exposed. This is pretty innocent.
No disrespect for the annotators here who otherwise annotate fascinatingly well.

About Sunday 20 May 1666

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Free and loose company: no, he wants to protect her from mal influences which may harm her... which may harm his access to her. Yes, if is for him, but many do like those they cuckold with.
How much do we wonder he pays per tryst? Purlease do not tell me these are freebies.

About Monday 16 April 1666

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peeps even more this time acknowledges woman beauty not skin colour bound. Brown Sugar Nan who first whetted 'is appetite today.

About Monday 2 April 1666

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JWB after Gertz recital: Kool Aid anyone? Had to laugh...and here we are 2018..another dose, please.

About Thursday 23 November 1665

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OK... 2018 pov does not accord with children or prepubescent
different times and different places
have the leader of one group
with a 9 year old in the desert for 30 days
Gibbons, I think Chap LI

About Monday 13 November 1665

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in her underwear by the fireplace and the siren sings...from 2018 the metoo movement pov... plus ca change
Men are helplessly enthralled by bosoms, all curves... most, like our man here, embarrassedly nonplussed.
Naturally he blames her for not being modest as he thought.
sorry, just had to get on the other side of the see-saw

About Monday 3 July 1665

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On this religion thing: back in the very beginning Sam with some surprise recorded his Boss's position on religion to which his Boss spoke more of it as fantasy and fiction. Sam thought hard on this and seemed to think of Atheism (wholly sceptical).

Sam is now quite the man of experience and recently (several months at least) seems to be swinging toward Sandwich's scepticism. His school buddy Boyle passing away reveals the chance and luck in life as well plus all of life's unanticipated turns. His comments on the Sermons too: a poor sermon proving life after death, etc.

From 15 May 1660 ( ): “In the afternoon my Lord and I walked together in the coach two hours, talking together upon all sorts of discourse: as religion, wherein he is, I perceive, wholly sceptical” .

Some thought Agnostic was what the Boss really meant but it sounds like Sam thought differently. The Boss has seen some things in his day that would make many a disbeliever (having someone's brains splashed on you when that horrible chained shot came whizzing across the deck); the nuances of the court including betrayal, backstabbing, etc.

On the sex thing: I get more and more the impression that Sam cavorts with all these girls without full intercourse probably for safety reasons: kissing, touching, holding, smelling and perhaps a hand job, not full pen. Sam would be more afraid of the girls. A smart pro will do all the above for recompense but will insist on wrapping that big thing up before anything more; her safety the greater risk.

The Fo Cus remembrance reminds me of the 2 girls having their pictures taken: Focus ? Bofus?

About Thursday 29 June 1665

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exactly aussie susan.. cue up the French Wittiscism..

the more things change, etc and then rabbits fut??

monkeys be monkeys

About Tuesday 1 November 1664

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RG comment takes the cake. How' s that French zinger go? Monkeys us all.

BTW: the 2007 crowd is the rock here...well done you all...very well done. This has been inherently entertaining with excellent annotators to boot. Even treating well the few trolls who have shown up.

This was the early internet...I am so happy we are only about 1/2 through.

Muchas Gracias.

BTW: it is only post 1/2 way that post 2007 comments applied...was it the BLog award it was.