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About Monday 1 February 1668/69

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Since repressing his libido for Bess' sake and their marriage, Sam's vivacity for life has been subdued as well...can't even ogle the citizens at the play which beforehand must have helped stimulated his mental appreciation of the plays. The prior few plays he is preoccupied with controlling himself so much he misses the play, it seems.

About Wednesday 18 November 1668

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Maurice Beck pretty near nails it noting the Fast Thinking Pepys is doing what he is doing without fully understanding he is doing it. On automatic: Just swing through the trees looking for .... "love".

Have not counted but Pepys overtly (diary) has said he loves Deb many times...more so than any other of those he has desired.

About Tuesday 27 October 1668

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From 2018 Feb, these prurient inspired thoughts seem pretty funny...or naive.? Plus ca change...

Not that I be better... I more agree with the Old Salty one.

About Wednesday 24 June 1668

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Yes Martinb: Besar. besa mi, besa mi.
The women and Sam all have in common their needs. Sam helped take care of these women $$, husband's jobs, etc. and genuinely liked them...and he liked fooling around with women. No surprise that.

About Friday 19 June 1668

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Jenny has it right I know well: the uric acid crystals jammed between bones...any movement or jarring is terrible.

About Monday 8 June 1668

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cgs annotations...some of my favorites...making me laugh out loud. A wit he rightly r.

About Monday 1 June 1668

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where I have not been in a morning — nor any tavern, I think, these seven years and more.

He stopped boozing in the morning when he started out drinking like I could not believe. Smart Sam figured it fast he could not do that and work effectively. I had thought it was only because of the bad water around.

He still drinks a fair amount but keeps it under control...mostly.

About Monday 3 June 1667

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the negligence of our Prince, who hath power, if he would, to master all these with the money and men that he hath had the command of, and may now have, if he would mind his business.

Is not the Prince here the King and not Rupert?

About Sunday 3 May 1668

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these latter notes TF are very helpful figuring out the dynamics of the events mentioned by Pepys.

About Thursday 30 April 1668

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Sometimes the boys were themselves whipped or even violently bumped on the boundary-stones to make them remember. The object of taking boys along is supposed to ensure that witnesses to the boundaries should survive as long as possible.[3]
WIKI above

About Monday 27 April 1668

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"that was but a boy the other day"

She was so young she being undeveloped physically...non of the loverly curves which be woman.

About Tuesday 14 April 1668

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Terry Foreman on 15 Apr 2011 • Link • Flag

"Oranges,_______1s." L&M note usually 6d. each.
and JIM: that is a "tip" to one of his orange girls with little doubt. Probably the former ho who tipped him off far back to the goings on of another.

About Thursday 9 April 1668

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Intransitively or not, Do, in this instance = Pop. A mobile pop no less. Pepys has demonstrated his ability to do his do so even alone (on a boat, in a church).

A Lust for life for a our lustful business administrator.

About Saturday 4 April 1668

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so we stayed in the Green-Roome,

Thought immediately of the Green Rooms for TV, the waiting room and found:

Further to Antony Tucker's reply, the origin of the green room perhaps lies in a warrant of 1662 "to deliver 110 yards of green baize for the upper tyring rooms of the Cockpit, which in their present state are unfit for rich clothes", noted in Nicoll, A History of English Drama. Tyring rooms were dressing rooms, and the Cockpit was at Whitehall, used occasionally for plays performed for the court.


About Thursday 19 March 1667/68

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[This is rather fine of Pepys who “ruins” several women each week and yet considers himself on fit to judge. D.W.] D.W. such the prude.

Side with Mary and a dish or so more: he didn't ruin the women; he was with them for years and he paid along the way. He genuinely cared for most of them which is not uncommon upon circumstances as such. These were lusty creatures in a different age... nevertheless... plus ca change.

About Wednesday 18 March 1667/68

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TB: That's quite the late Valentine's Day present, Sam.

You get what you pay for... plus ca change...

About Monday 20 January 1667/68

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How long has it been now Mr. Pepys has not done his Net Worth monthly recokoning? Me thinks he not likes to show his hand from the pressure of the unconscious oversight, perhaps.

About Monday 19 August 1667

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Ruben on 20 Aug 2010 • Link • Flag

If today's entry is not enough for you, read the article published in Der Spiegel (in English) about copyright laws and comparative book publishing in England and Germany till the XIX century.
Very interesting.

Interesting indeed...never came across this "reason" for the explosion of development especially in highly technical fields like chemistry. Germany just jumped up and exceeded everyone going into the the late 19th century.