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Michael De Ruyter, the Dutch admiral, was born 1607. He served under Tromp in the war against England in 1653, and was Lieutenant Admiral General of Holland in 1665. He died April 26th, 1676, of wounds received in a battle with the French off Syracuse. Among the State Papers is a news letter (dated July 14th, 1664) containing information as to the views of the Dutch respecting a war with England. “They are preparing many ships, and raising 6,000 men, and have no doubt of conquering by sea.” “A wise man says the States know how to master England by sending moneys into Scotland for them to rebel, and also to the discontented in England, so as to place the King in the same straits as his father was, and bring him to agree with Holland” (“Calendar,” 1663-64, p. 642).

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Michiel Adriaenszoon de Ruyter - Wikipedia article and portrait


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Michiel Adriaenszoon de Ruyter website
Admiral of the Fleet of 17th century Holland

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Presentation medal to Admiral Michel Adrianzoon de Ruyter (French, 1663)


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De Ruyter & family, portrait:-

includes biographical & historical info on tabs:-


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Here's the de Ruyter portrait at the National Maritime Museum. I think it might currently be hanging in the Queen's House in Greenwich.


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"Dutch captains and admirals were more often the sons of salt-sea sailors who had grown up handling the ropes. Dutch Admiral de Ruyter, hero of the 17th century navy, astonished a French officer by taking up a broom to clean his cabin and afterward going out to feed his chickens."
---First Salute. Barbara Tuchman, 1988.

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