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For his history and books see..


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Selden: Mare Clausum vs. Mare Liberum

The historic controversy which arose out of demands on the part of different states to assert exclusive dominion over areas of the open or high sea. Thus Spain laid claim to exclusive dominion over whole oceans, Great Britain to all her environing narrow seas and so on. These claims gave rise to vigorous opposition by other powers and led to the publication of Grotius

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The Grotius of 'Mare Liberum' is Dutchman Hugo de Groot, who is well-known for the fact that he escaped from the castle where he was kept prisoner by hiding himself in a book-chest, and which was carried outside by friends of his.
After that he fled to Sweden.

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A better link for Selden in the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica http://85.1911encyclopedia.org/S/SE/SELDEN_JOHN...

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