Originally, I thought this was somewhere close to the north-west corner of today’s Buckingham Palace, according to Wikipedia.

However, Latham & Matthews (under “Gardens” in the Index) list this particular Mulberry Garden as being in Hyde Park. I can’t find a reference anywhere to an exact location.

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Terry Foreman  •  Link

"The...Mulberry-Garden...was a four acre orchard, planted by James I in 1609, on the site of the present (north-west corner of) Buckingham Palace. King James had been hoping to kickstart English silkworm production, but unfortunately chose the wrong sort of bush. Clement Walker in ‘Anarchia Anglicana’ (1649) refers to “new-erected sodoms and spintries at the Mulberry Garden at S. James’s”; which suggests it may at that date have been a place of debauchery."

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