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Glyn  •  Link

St Margaret's is very beautiful. It's between Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament so tends to get overlooked by the tourists, but it's free to enter and definitely worth a visit. It's known as the parish church of the House of Commons, because MPs regularly hold services there (of thanksgiving for instance). There is also a small monument to the Parliamentarians who fought in the Civil War. The Church was extensively damaged by bombing in 1941 but was quickly restored, especially thanks to American donations. I'm sure there must be several links to it on the internet.

Bill  •  Link

St. Margaret's is the church of the House of Commons; and here, in Charles I.'s time, all the Fast Day Sermons were preached before Pym, Cromwell, Harrison, Praise-God Barebone, and the rest of the then Parliament of England . Here the members subscribed the Solemn League and Covenant; and here Peters preached, inciting the Parliament to bring Charles I. to trial.
---London, Past and Present. H.B. Wheatley, 1891.

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