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in Aqua Scripto  •  Link

St Dusftans, a nice little walk from the Office, thru the hemp yard [if it be there], down Mark Lane, up Tower Street, past Mincing lane,turn left down St Dunstan hill and into the church yard. Of course one could take the long way round, by going down Seething Lane, past all the Inns and All Hallows Church, then turn right, then trot up Tower street, past Beer lane, Trinity House, past Harp Lane then to the Church Yard.

Roger Arbor  •  Link

St Dunstans was rebuilt after the Great Fire by Wren, but WW2 saw it gutted by fire. After the war it was turned into one of the most beautiful corners of the City, with a small and perfectly formed garden. A Wren church with both a tower, and a spire.

In my study I have a print of SDitE showing this amazing arrangement. Four 'flying butresses' rise from each corner of the tower to meet in a most satisfying arrangement in a spire. Quite breathtaking.

Now just a few yards from Lower Thames Street, almost opposite the old Billingsgate (fish) Market, it is well worth visiting if you find yourself in the City. Stunning...

Glyn  •  Link

As said above, you can easily see its spire from Tower Hill - it would have been only a 5-minute walk from Pepys' office.

Burnt down in 1666, rebuilt by Wren, burnt down in 1941, now a very pleasantpublic garden for people to sit in and eat their lunch.

Avon Edward Foote  •  Link

Quotes are paraphrased from the will of Richard Foote, merchant of Rood Lane, whose home parish is St. Dunstan's-in-the-East at time of death. Bust of grandson welcomes visitors to the Windsor Parish Church, Berkshire UK. "To his grandson Topham Foote 200 Pounds, which his father Samuel Foote shall put in trade for him till his majority; also 1500 acres of his land in Virginia.

The rest of his estate to his wife Hester Foote, who is named joint executor with his son Samuel Foote.

Signed 19 March 1694. Witness James Stone, Richard Stracey, Ran. Stacey.

Probate London 23 April 1697 to Hester Foote, the other executor Samuel
Foote being dead.

P.A.B. identifies testator with the parish of St. Dunstan in the East,
London . . . ."

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