Thursday 3 December 1668

Up betimes, and by water with W. Hewer to White Hall, and there to Mr. Wren, who gives me but small hopes of the favour I hoped for Mr. Steventon, Will’s uncle, of having leave, being upon the point of death, to surrender his place, which do trouble me, but I will do what I can. So back again to the Office, Sir Jer. Smith with me; who is a silly, prating, talking man; but he tells me what he hears, that Holmes and Spragg now rule all with the Duke of Buckingham, as to seabusiness, and will be great men: but he do prophesy what will be the fruit of it; so I do. So to the Office, where we sat all the morning; and at noon home to dinner, and then abroad again, with my wife, to the Duke of York’s playhouse, and saw “The Unfortunate Lovers;” a mean play, I think, but some parts very good, and excellently acted. We sat under the boxes, and saw the fine ladies; among others, my Lady Kerneguy, a who is most devilishly painted. And so home, it being mighty pleasure to go alone with my poor wife, in a coach of our own, to a play, and makes us appear mighty great, I think, in the world; at least, greater than ever I could, or my friends for me, have once expected; or, I think, than ever any of my family ever yet lived, in my memory, but my cozen Pepys in Salisbury Court. So to the office, and thence home to supper and to bed.

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Terry Foreman  •  Link

The Royal Society today at Arundel House — from the Hooke Folio Online

Dec. 3. Heuelius his Selenography [,_siv... ] Deld. to Mr. Hooke for the Societys Library. - the East India prsent was deliuerd to mr Hooke for the Repository --

Dr. Pope & mr. Hooke said tht Sr And. King had seen diuers amphisbenae in Spaine -- about the controuersy of Hugens & Gregory [quere Letter Book]. --

There was attempted the Expt. to shew that rebounding was caused by Springinesse with a brasse wire more or Lesse tense, but the apparatus being Defectiue, it was orderd that the Expt. should be repeated the next Day. --

It was moued that the book lately presented to the Society by Mr. Boyle Entitled A Continuation of new Expts. Physico mechanicall [ ] might be pervsed by some members of the Society whereupo mr Hooke hauing the booke in his hands was desired to doe this.

Tony Eldridge  •  Link

"the favour I hoped for Mr. Steventon, Will’s uncle, of having leave, being upon the point of death, to surrender his place"
I assume that "surrender" in this context means "sell"? If he is on the point of death he is hardly going to ask for permission to merely retire.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

The King's Virtuousi are still weighing Air!

The book lately presented to the Society by Mr. Robert Boyle is Entitled
*A continuation of new experiments physico-mechanical, touching the spring and weight of the air, and their effects wherein are contained divers experiments made both in compressed and also in factitious air, about fire, animals, &c. : together with a description of the engines wherein they were made.*

(The link above is to the full text, w/ engine images.)

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