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Edward Spragge, knighted for his gallant conduct as a captain in the first sea-fight with the Dutch in 1665. After rendering many important naval services to his country, he was unforunately drowned on 11th August 1673, whilst passing in a boat to the Royal Carles, from his own ship, which had been disabled in the action with Van Tromp. He lies buried in Westminster Abbey without any memorial. (Warrington)

Bill  •  Link

SPRAGGE, Sir EDWARD (d.1673), admiral: born in Ireland; knighted, 1665; took part in the great battle of June 1666 under Prince Rupert, and commanded at Sheerness in 1667, when the Dutch forced the Medway; destroyed the Algerine fleet in Bugia Bay, 1671, and took a brilliant part in battle of Solebay, 1672; admiral of the blue, 1672; served in three actions during 1673, in the third of which, against Cornelis Tromp, on 11 Aug., he was drowned.
---Dictionary of National Biography: Index and Epitome. S. Lee, 1906.

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